Ipod – The Little Product That Went Big

ipod nano video

Apple’s claim to fame initially was its computers. Today it is its ipods which rival or surpass other manufacturers’ mp3 players. Ipods can do many, many different things. It is not all music. Some have game capability. Others are able to broadcast television shows. It is possible to watch videos and movies. It is also possible to surf the net and email. A number of them incorporate cell phone capability. It all depends on the model. They are a breakaway product that has kept Apple competitively sound financially and competitively on top.

8 thoughts on “Ipod – The Little Product That Went Big

  1. Denisde,

    The last two times my son said no he or his wifewent out and bought the same things for grandchild a week later.


  2. I think I might say “no” too. I am all for the use of technology, but right now my kids can just use mine. 🙂

  3. Night Owl Mama,

    Two of my three grancdchildren got them from me oner Christmas or another.  The third one’s parents say, “No”.


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