Insurance – It May Not Be Cheap But It’s Needed

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I’ve taken care of the family finances for years. I do the budget, shopping, and pay the bills. One of the biggest items in our regular living expenses is insurance. We have life insurance, medical insurance (medical, dental, and vision), home owners, and automobile policies. These coverages are a big chunk out of our expenditures. We know we need them but wish there was some way to lessen their drain on the wallet, so we check around and always get an insurance quote, actually several, when a policy is up for renewal then go from there.

4 thoughts on “Insurance – It May Not Be Cheap But It’s Needed

  1. Swampbaby,

    No health insurance can wipe someone out if illness falls.  It’s a shame that so many Americans can’t afford our health care, the health care we give to illegals free.


  2. Insurance is not cheap, especially when you are self-employed as we are. But I am glad we have it. This summer I was in the hospital several times and if we didn’t have insurance we would be paying $60,000+ in medical bills out of pocket!

  3. Nancy,

    But you have to read the policy and be sure to elect what you need not what the agent wants you to buy for commission.


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