I Still Can’t Believe the Deal I Got

A few years ago I got a state of the art, all in one,Oster Kitchen Center mixer with attachments for Christmas. I used it through the years but not its accessories. I did try out its blender a few times until things became very messy. You see I had lost its top. The rest of the pieces (chopper, grater, even ice cream maker) sat in a drawer unused, taking space. The problem from the start was that the mixer had to be removed in order to use anything else. So technologically impaired me avoided deconstruction

A few days ago I had to return a unused but duplicate present to the store. Once that was accomplished with credit in my hand, I wandered up and down the aisles looking for real sales. Since I am currently dieting, I passed by Women’s clothes hoping that I would be buying a new wardrobe come spring. With nothing of interest in the Linen Department, I moved on to Housewares. That is where I came upon a 70% OR MORE OFF sign over a big box. I stopped immediately to check things out.

cuisinart cuism55bk

A Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Black Stand Mixer, Model #CUI SM–55BK, that Kohl’s originally priced at $499.99,, had been cut down to $134.99. The box was pristine, sealed with no sign of it ever having been opened. I started reading its description on the side:

  • Tilt-back Head
  • Top Cover
  • 3 Power Ports
  • 5.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl with Handles
  • Head-lift Release Lever securely locks stand mixer head into raised tilt-back position
  • On/Off, Fold and Speed Control Dial
  • 12 speeds for precision mixing.
  • 15-Minute Countdown Timer with Auto Shutoff
  • Chef?s Whisk
  • Flat Mixing Paddle
  • Dough Hook
  • Splashguard with Pour Spout

Furthermore, there were pasta maker, citrus juicer, large meat grinder, food processor, and blender attachments that could be purchased separately, Best thing I saw though was that each attachment would easily connect to the stand without necessitating taking the base apart.

I decided to buy it. The deal got better for me when I was given another 10% discount off because I was a premier customer. It rang up as $121.50. The week’s promo–for every $50 spent $10 in store money–made it even sweeter. Still more was to come.

Even with a sale as good as that, I remain a comparison shopper. As soon as I got home I checked out the product on the internet. It retails normally at about $299.99
and gets rave reviews. I couldn’t believe how sweet a deal it was when I found I was eligible for a FREE Stand Mixer Food Processor retailing at $59.99. Mine should be on the way here. I didn’t think when I bought my stand mixer that I would get any attachments. I since have reconsidered. I need a blender next so I’ll be check that out next.

In few weeks that I have had a Cuisinart, I have used it many, many times with excellent results. It is both easy to use and easy to clean I just love it. It would have been on my Christmas wish list if I had known what I do now then.

10 thoughts on “I Still Can’t Believe the Deal I Got

  1. Dear Brooke,

         I still am amazed how I fell into this one.  Right now I am on a quest for the blender accessory on sale (my kind).  I’m looking….

    Please stop by again.


  2. Dear Rebecca,

         I love it more and more every time I use it.  I just received the food processor accessory FREE yesterday.  I can hardly wait to try it out.

    Be talking to you again soon I hope.


  3. I love good deals like that. I have a friend, my money saving mentor, and we always swap stories when we find something amazing like that!

  4. Dear Tamara,
    Boy am I ever a space cadet! Somehow I jumped from the ultimate blog giveaway and got myself confused as usual. Sorry for my miscommunication. Disregard the comment on yogurt.
    My Cuisinart even came with a disk to teach me how to. I am sure I will wear that out. The only problem I have encountered with the mixer to date is that its accessory add-ons all come in white.

  5. Dear Karen,
    I had been reading your comment on the Obama comment elsewhere and wanted to comment on it. Somehow–I’m sure it was another electronic messup on my part–I started thinking yogurt. This is a huge mistake. Sorry.
    I am dieting right now (a great excuse for not cooking and baking much) but I will let you know
    as time goes on. Thanks for your support and understanding.

  6. Dear Tamara,

          Glad you stopped by.  M<y daughter and her site is what got me hooked into this.  How old is your son?  Most boys aren’t into yogurt.


  7. OMG are you kidding me! My son has been wanting one of those and you really got a bargain of a lifetime! I came over from your daughter’s site 🙂

  8. Dear Karen,

          I agree with your take 100% and then some on the Obama comment on the Leno show.

          I love your site and its craftiness.  Your mother’s quilt really is gorgeous and priceless  for all the love and memories she put into it.

          I’ll be back as soon as Bunny gives me more navigation pointers without me shutting myself down.


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