I Never Got The Chance To Camp In Disneyland

disneyland parking garage

photo courtesy Disney

I always wanted to camp in Disneyland but I couldn’t help notice that it removed its rv camping sites and replaced them with a parking garage. I suppose that is good business for big business. More traffic means more money for corporate. The former orange groves that old Walt himself bought over a half century ago are long gone. Anaheim has developed into a miniature city of its own. Old buildings have been torn down to make room for the restaurants, hotels, stores, and attractions that came in the process. Time marches on.

13 thoughts on “I Never Got The Chance To Camp In Disneyland

  1. Hey Pat we always find a walmart near bye or even a Vons parking lot & if your self contained your A ok….. not the same as beautiful surroundings but its worked 4 us a few times !!

  2. Jennifer,

    I prefer room and maid service.  Hubby says he likes to camp.  So the deal was we would buy a camper if he cleaned it and did the cooking.  Win-Win.


  3. Lori,

    I remember about twenty years ago on the back road from Disneyworld to Sandlake, the many orange trees.  With time I saw they weren’t being cultivated.  Now I see expensive developments in their place.  The farmers made more money quickly for their prime land.  Too much housing pushing at nature….


  4. That is sad, they cut down those trees.. I also never got to camp there.. What fun that would of been.
    I just found your blog via your daughters.. Fantastic.. I will be back!

  5. One of my favorite things is the smell of oranges down here in Florida during citrus season…. It’s sad that the orange groves are gone. We even have a lemon tree in our back yard, we planted it when it was only 12 inches tall, now it is at least 5 feet tall (only 4 years old). We got 1 (yes, ONE) lemon last year, our first “crop”. This year we have dozens — I’m soo excited. They are still very green because harvest time isn’t until December. I’ll post pictures when they turn yellow, but we have actually picked one and used it in our Coronas already. MMMMMM

  6. Jackie,

    I’ve done all three–Land, World, and Wilderness Campground, even the cruise.  I just wish I could see the other parks in other countries. 


  7. I’ve never been to Disneyland (I’m on the East Coast), but always thought it would be fun to camp at Disneyworld.

  8. Denise,

    At least Disneyworld still has one.  I camp there every year or so.  It’s great but almost a resort camping experience.


  9. That is so sad. My children are really going ot miss out on some of the things I cherished as a child for the same reasons.

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