I Know I Wasn’t a Tuesday’s Child

I flew into Orlando last week in near record breaking cold. It is one week later and Tuesday again. Well, I got all wet yesterday in the Animal Kingdom’s Kali Rapids. Being drenched there was fun. The 80 degree weather and sunshine soon dried me. However, today is just too wet and cold for me to go out and play. I have decided to stay in the room. It is raining outside.

Did I say rain? I lied. I switched the television on earlier. Every channel that was not Disney’s (boy are there a lot of them advertising and programming) had interrupted its schedule to announce a tornado warning. And people can’t understand why I am a pessimist…. I could see flashes of lightning in the distance and hear the thunder booming. Winds were moving at 50-60 MPH speed. 1.04 inches of rain fell in less than an hour. Well, I am safe and snug.

I think I’ll ready a book for now. If I get bored there is always something to do. Besides it is almost time for a shopping fix.

4 thoughts on “I Know I Wasn’t a Tuesday’s Child

  1. Darn I hit send before I wanted to! hahhah
    I hate the cold and I am so cold natured!!!!
    Speaking of Tuesday’s Child….
    I am a Tuesday’s Child!! I was born On Tuesday!!!!
    Do you know what day you were born on??
    Hope you are having a GREAT Week!

    1. Dear Leslie,
      I’ve been away so long I forgot how to dp this, My son who doesn’t share well at all had me using an IBM format. Glad to be back hoome. Catchup is hectic. Glad to hear from you. I want to fingd out the day I was born.

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