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wurkin stiffs power stays

How many men need constant reminding, “Straighten the collar.”?

In days of old, a lady’s stays meant corset. In 2009, Johanathan Boos’s Power Stays are not neck chokers. Rather, they are collar tamers. No, they are not magic. Yes, the do work with magnets.

About Power Stays

These are the Only Magnetic Collar Stays, in which are called Power Stays. Guys absolutely love them and everyone has the “I should of thought of that” moment… every time! Power Stays ($35.00) transform mens collared shirts into hidden-button-down shirt collars, curing Saturday Night Fever and/or the dreaded Limp Collar. They are the only luxury-utilitarian collar stays on the market.

Why spend money sending shirts out to the cleaners only to have them return with upturned edges when a simple solution is readily available. A box of three pair of Wurkin Stiffs 2.5 inch polished stainless alloy stays retails at $35.00. They really work too. (I had hubby check them out twice this week before writing this.)

Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays can be found in high-end menswear boutiques, gift stores, online, as well as all Nordstrom Department Stores in select stores. For dress shirt wearers, this is a must investment.

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