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This is the first Christmas I will get to spend time with granddaughter even though it is her third one. It is hard being separated from her. I love her and want the best for her, and I want her to know that and remember when I am gone. It is even harder on her father, my son.

I have photos of NV but not enough since many on the camera a burglar took when he stripped my son’s house clean–furniture, electronics, clothes, even her toys and picture album. I hope to get a family portrait done with her during the holidays. Then her eyes will look back. Remembering is so important. Things change.

I want NV to remember the voices of my husband, me, her aunts and uncles, her cousins, and especially her father. The technology is there, and it is the perfect time to use it.

About VoiceQuilt

A Unique Gift That Won’t Be Forgotten!
VoiceQuilt is a uniquely personal gift ? filled with a group’s vivid, heart-touching greetings, memories and tributes. The resulting collage of voices is similar to the toasts given by party guests after a long and joyful meal. Better still, your recipient can savor those tributes over and over again.

The sound of someone’s voice ? their accent, tone and laughter ? conveys much more than a photo, letter or a store-bought gift. VoiceQuilt? is a wonderfully creative gift solution for groups and families, a unique way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, Christmas, graduation, or wedding.

VoiceQuilt offered me the opportunity to pack its rosewood keepsake box full of memories and review it. Of course, I agreed. This is a labor of love. This the perfect gift, one of a kind, meaningful, and guaranteed to become more valuable with each passing year. NV can always hear her family and think back to 2009. This present will touch her heart again and again.

NV’s beautiful crafted box measures 8.5 X 7.5 X 3.5 inches, is lined with black felt, has a frame on top and a 2009 Christmas plaque. Whenever she opens the box, it will play the messages and poem eleven of us sent. What a time capsule loaded full of voice snapshots!

I can’t wait give it to NV. This is truly an unforgettable gift.

Ordering VoiceQuilt personalized keepsake gifts for someone you love is easy enough. The website explains it all: click for email link, download, edit. You can also invite anyone with a phone anywhere in the world to record a special message. You are in control of which messages are included in your VoiceQuilt, in what ordered, and how the messages are labeled. The VoiceQuilt can be emailed for no additional charge. (sample email VoiceQuilt –

For more information or to order, go online to or call 678-424-6599. The box I received retails at $79.99.

Military families – I have a couple of coupon codes for a week of unlimited messages. If you’d like one of them let me know in a comment, along with what branch of the service your loved one is in.

FYI: The man that I spoke with at VoiceQuilt was very helpful. He told me the company produce further messages if updates are appropriate at a nominal charge.

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  1. I can think of many situations where this would be a wonderful gift to treasure! Here’s a keepsake that really matters!

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