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No doubt about it that money is tight. I usually avoid the pricey malls but found myself in the local one the week of Black Friday. It was dead I am tempted to say deader than Marley in A Christmas Carol. A couple of days later I had to make an exchange at the electronics superstore. With almost no one in the place, I whizzed in and out. On to the household superstore, I was the only one in the checkout line. Since it was still early, I drove over to the big strip mall. Its parking lot had lots of empty spaces. Into the supermarket for staples like bread, milk, fresh fruit and vegetables, I noticed thatmost shopping carts held the basics and an assortment of pasta, rice,
and potatoes but less goodies. When I stopped at the super toy store on the way home, the people inside were waiting for refunds or asking? for price adjustments.

People just aren’t buying as much. People are watching their money. I myself chose to cut back when both social security and my pension announced no cost of living increases this year. My income is fixed but taxes, utilities, and food dollars continue to rise with inflation. I told hubby to skip presents for me. I have his love and everything I need. I doubt if he will listen. Does any man, especially one I think is going deaf?

With that said I received a couple of gift cards in the mail. One was to TJ Maxx. I’d been challenged to see what kind of bargains I could find. I discovered this bargain department store years ago in California. I love the place, the merchandise, and the $$$ values. Before it was an empty nest here, I visited the store weekly in search of bargains and clearances.

I was delighted I went; I was delighted at what I found. I lingered at the Liz Claiborne cami, an unbelievable $3.00. I comparison shopped in the toy section. Two manufacturer’s must haves were on the floor discounted. I came upon my favorite slipper socks selling for half the price of the ones I bought in a specialty shop. Ten it was on to linens.

I had previously decided I needed to put a little romance into hubby and my lives. We needed to change what was going on in the bedroom. No, nothing X rated or higher. With cold weather here, the winter bedding came out–warm fuzzy sheets, pillowcases, blankets, quilt, and spread. Several blankets were discarded because we didn’t need them all–the kids one by one had moved out. (They went to the local animal shelter to provide warm beds for abandoned dogs.) The spread no longer coordinated with the room so it was packed away in case….

Chocolate is supposed to be sensual. That is what the candy man claimed, the hair shampoo maker claimed, and even the lip gloss manufacturer claimed. I was on THE quest. I wanted a duvet in chocolate brown for my (wrong color) king-sized blue bed quilt. Found for $19.99. Plus for another $3.99 each, I found two matching pillow shams.

I am so happy. I’m glad I got the chance to spoil myself a little. Extravagant is other places, I love TJ Maxx. With comparable items elsewhere selling for $80 minimum, the $28 sales slip speaks for itself.

In case you haven’t see the commercials, here’s something you might find interesting – a? Carol-oke! contest from TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

One lucky person will win a $5,000 shopping spree — just for singing their favorite Holiday Carol! The contest launches on November 30 on YouTube’s specially-created “Caroling Channel,” There, you can select from one of three carols, create your own “Carol-oke” video and upload for entry into the contest. Additionally, for each off-price “Carol-oke” video that is uploaded, a charity donation to Toys for Tots will be made.

A gift card was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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  1. My tween and teen daughter have just FOUND TJ Maxx and find the Hoodies they love ( the cool brand with the thumb holes in the sleeves). Youd think they found the land of OZ as they go looking for specials. THe great thing is that you are always surprised there…and they keep bringing in new items every day. Keeps you coming back and it is WORTH the ride!
    Not surprised you found such great things there without breaking your budget.

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