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I hate things on my ears or on my ears. I never wore earrings–clip on or pierced. I avoided all head coverings, earmuffs, scarves, hats. Needless to say when hubby told me I needed a Bluetooth, I just glared at him. No comment was necessary. I have to admit though that with most states having laws against using cell phones while driving, this can cause a problem or two.

I am of the attitude that the cell phone is for my convenience not the caller’s. I have pulled over to park if there was a safe place before answering. Once a cop stopped me and asked, “What’s wrong?” When I explained why I was there, he responded, “I’m glad you do that.” I suppose too many people don’t though.

When I bought my new car, it had on SYNC onboard. That meant hands free incoming and outgoing. I like it. However, other cars don’t–like most of the rest of the ones in the family and most car rentals…. With that in mind hubby insisted I keep the Sound ID 400 Bluetooth Headset that I was sent. He got the glare. He persisted. I tried it. Grudgedly, I admitted he was right. It’s stored in my purse now at all times ready for whatever.

About the Sound ID 400

The Sound ID 400 is the latest Bluetooth Headset to be introduced by Sound ID, a company founded by an ear doctor and staffed with top acoustic scientists and engineers. Available in a Black Velvet soft-touch finish and with an expanded feature set, the 400 offers a smart mix of sophisticated style and advanced audio power.

Like its predecessors, the Sound ID 400 complements the natural hearing process, allowing you to experience the best sound quality possible while conducting hands-free conversations. The 400 is designed with PersonalSound? ? a feature only available in Sound ID products. PersonalSound offers users 3 listening modes tuned to the most common hearing preferences, to further enhance speech clarity without raising the volume and boost listening power.

The Sound ID 400 further differentiates itself from the rest of the Sound ID portfolio and every other Bluetooth headset on the market by offering Environmental Mode?, a feature that enables users to hear equally out of both ears in-between phone calls. When Environmental Mode is activated, the hearing ability is enhanced and soft sounds can be heard while wearing the headset ? allowing clear conversations ?On? and ?Off? the phone.

Delivering extreme audio capabilities and a comfort-driven form factor, the Sound ID 400 represents Sound ID?s latest innovation in wire-free communications.

The Sound ID 400 comes with three sizes of RealComfort Ear Loops as well as an optional over the ear hook. That is what made the biggest difference for me. It really is lightweight and comfortable, things I did not expect with wire-free bluetooth connectivity. I really liked that the PersonalSound feature allows users to choose their listening mode rather than adjust the volume because let’s face it – we all hear differently. I don’t even have to remove the headset between controls, thanks to the Environmental Mode. The comfort, acoustic clarity, and sound settings are grrr-eat.


  • ?Eargonomic? ? Weighing only 8 grams
  • Automatic Volume Control ? automatic adjustment based on back-ground noise level
  • Advanced Wind Noise Protection ? reduces the impact of wind noise
  • Easy Controls ? for volume, mute, voice dialing and call answer/end
  • PowerManagement? ? Up to 7 hours of talk time and 8 days of standby
  • Convenient Charge ? The Sound ID 400 can be charged with standard micro USB phone chargers
  • MultiPoint Connection ? Allows the Sound ID 400 to be active with two Bluetooth phones


  • 7 Hours Talk Time
  • Up to 8 Days Standby Time
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and eSCO
  • Automatic Volume Control
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • MultiPoint Connection
  • Micro USB to USB Cable
  • AC Wall Charger (100V-240V)

The ID 400 retails for $129.99. Go to for more information or to order.

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  1. Best bluetooth headset ever. Hands free earpiece that is actually lightweight and can take both my work and personal lines together. Got it as a secret santa gift!

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