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Dinosaurs were around at the dawn of time and became extinct long, long ago. Yet everyone’s fascination with these animals keeps them a big market seller. Amusement park attractions in Universal and Disney help keep it going. Movies like Jurassic park make is think what if they could walk again today.

Playschool has made this what if a reality in its line of anamatronic Dino Roars toys. I have been testing the Stompers Triceratops. This particular breed wakes up, roars, and moves its head and mouth. It is called Stompers because it stomps and moves easily on any kind of floor or carpet. This durable interactive toy is a real winner.

Stompers is easy to activate with dual sensors to control the action. Pet his back and check him out. His soft skin covering makes him a cuddler. Children ages 3+ will clamor to play with him.

Stompers Triceratops retails at $24.99. His pals, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Pterodactyl can be bought separately.

Stompers and his pals have baby dinosaurs too! I just got some time with Kota & Pals Hatchlings T-Rex which does some different things than his adult counterparts. T comes to life and chomps when someone touches his tongue. He roars like a hatchling and shows his excitement by moving his arms. This “real” baby dino toy is a great playmate. He retails for $14.99.

About Dino Roars Stompers

With exciting movements and lifelike sounds, these walking dino pals are sure to become toddler’s best friend. Push a sensor on the dinosaur’s back to see it “come to life!” The lively triceratops stompers pal marches and throws its head back, and the adorable anklysaurus stompers dino swings its tail as it stomps forwards. Each realistic, roaring dinosaur friend is sold separately. Retail price $24.99.

About Dino Roars Hatchlings

Preschoolers will want to collect all of the adorable HATCHLINGS dinosaurs! For the first time, dino-loving tots can have their very own newborn T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus, or Triceratops as a playful pet. The HATCHLINGS dinosaurs respond to touch with a variety of lifelike movements and prehistoric sounds, and each comes with a fun dino fact card. Two additional HATCHLINGS dinosaurs, a Brontosaurus and Hadrasaur, will be available this fall for even more prehistoric play! Each sold separately. Retail Price: $14.99-$16.99

The Dino roars toys each require three ?AA? batteries, included. They are available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on

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