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About Monopoly City

Monopoly City allows players to build their own 3-D city in this new twist on the classic game! For the first time ever players can build from the start, creating their own metropolis in the center of the board. The game includes 80 3-D buildings, including industrial blocks, skyscrapers, and even parks. But life as a real estate tycoon isn?t always easy – opponents can sabotage your plans. If they build a sewage plant on your land, your rent value will plummet!

I started playing Monopoly when I was six. Sixty years later I still enjoy it. Recently I was given the opportunity to review Monopoly City, a new Hasbro board game for the future real estate tycoon. It played quite differently than the original. More than just street names are different. No waiting for all the property to be sold, no need to own all the colors in a group, those who build early seem to have the advantage. This is a game of more than luck; it depends on strategy. Residential vs. industrial, green planning vs. ecologically-harmful building, this is the design of the game. Watch out for spoilers though. A move to Free Parking can cost someone rent; a Chance draw can take away your best investment.

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Even though I was the first out of the game, I liked Monopoly City and plan to play it again. Why? It was interesting and unpredictable with things depending on more than just a roll of the dice.

Monopoly City is a game for two to six players and is recommended for age 8 and up. It’s available for purchase in stores nationwide and online and has an approximate retail price of $34.99.

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