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miccus blubridge autotalk


About Miccus BluBridge Auto-Talk

BluBridge?Auto-Talk – a truly wireless Bluetooth speakerphone kit for the car; no more fussing with earpieces when talking on the phone in the car; probably the most compelling aspect of this product is that it mounts in the windshield and constantly recharges via an integrated solar cell ? wireless at its best.

Miccus has come up with something that drivers whose cars are not equipped with on dash INSYNC, should consider. It is BluBridge Auto-Talk. This is the solar-powered bluetooth car kit that makes holding a cell phone while driving a thing of the past.

It’s moble with no wires to connect. Just a suction cup attaches it to the windshield. No worry about charging batteries either as its own solar panel (on the back) charges it. Describe it only as loud and clear. Unlike many predecessors, sound transmission comes through a mobile speaker built on MaxxBass technology.

If you are saying to yourself about now, “Tell me more,” OK.

BluBridge Auto-Talk features include:

* 800+ hours standby time
* Up to 13 hours talk time
* Solar or USB cable charging
* Voice dialing; integrated phonebook stores up to 1000 contacts
* Text-to-speech caller ID announcement in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German
* Noise and echo canceling microphone
* Supports multiple paired devices; memorizes paired data of up to 8 Bluetooth phones

Best of all, Miccus Blubridge can be paired with any bluetooth capable phone. At $99.99, now no one has any excuse excuse for not using hands-free calling. Visit to learn more or purchase.

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