If you read my blog about TJ Maxx, you know all about spending 2009.
I pray 2010 will be better.

I left TJ Maxx to go to Marshalls about a mile away. I still had a gift card in my pocketbook to use, and I intended to use it both wisely and well. Marshalls is another bargain department store. Big names, good variety of selection, and steep discounted pricing are the reasons I found its parking lot full.

I love pretty things and I love to window shop so I indulged a tiny bit. The designer shoes that cost a week’s wages were being showcased at less than half boutique cost. Actually all the shoes–Clogs, Uggs, Bear Creek–were bargains except I can’t wear any of them. I require orthopedic shoes, YUK.

I found naughty lingerie, scanty enough that I could hear the old woman in me saying, “Wear that and you will get pneumonia.” Times really have changed.

I went through the Ladies clothes racks. The dresses were drop dead gorgeous. I passed until I need one, Now it is only want. I am being sensible as I am still losing weight and my clothes sizes are shrinking accordingly. I have some to go before I invest in more than what is needed.

I found myself again in household. Another big Christmas buffet for the entire family is scheduled so what better place to check out what I can use for the table. The practical side of me immediately found Home Essentials and Beyond 4 Piece Buffet Set tagged at $14.99. I asked the salesgirl if there was a sample on display as I wanted to see how it was made. With none out, she opened the box. The black metal 2 tier plate holder, flatware caddy, breadbasket, and napkin holder were sturdy, attractive, and of good quality. Into the cart it went.

Hubby is renovating the kitchen slowly and the appliances are going from off-white to black or stainless as they need replacement. The new sink, faucet, and microwave are in place. I hate constantly wiping up the counters so I couldn’t resist the shiny black cast iron spoon holder tagged at $2.99.

Proceeding toward the registers, I saw a big selection of coffees even Kona beans and Godiva. They were more than half off what I spent in either the Godiva chocolatier or in Hawaii. Good to know for future reference. I couldn’t resist the Cafe Claire Syrup Assortment (Irish cream, hazelnut, vanilla, and cappuccino) tagged $7.99 for my morning cuppa cuppa.

I had a great time shopping. I hate wasting money. Too many people forget that a penny saved is a penny earned. Too few people realize those pennies do become dollars. I enjoyed bargain hunting at Marshalls. With comparable items elsewhere selling for $45 minimum, my $26 sales slip says it all.

Marshalls and TJ Maxx are currently holding a? Carol-oke! contest. One lucky person will win a $5,000 shopping spree — just for singing their favorite Holiday Carol! The contest launches on November 30 on YouTube’s specially-created “Caroling Channel,” There, you can select from one of three carols, create your own “Carol-oke” video and upload for entry into the contest. Additionally, for each off-price “Carol-oke” video that is uploaded, a charity donation to Toys for Tots will be made.

A gift card was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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