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These clocks would make a great gift: from a grandparent to a child, from a parent to a child, from a parent to the child’s teacher, or even from the PTA to the child’s classroom(s).

About the Learn Time, Teach Time Analog Clock

The Learn Time, Teach Time Analog Clock is a brand new product which is a unique gift idea for families and small children. It is a gift which will impart, to the children, skills which will stay with them and benefit them for their entire lives.

From creator Ellen Errico Schon –

It is a fun, colorful clock which can be used and enjoyed by the entire family, but it’s also a teaching tool to make it easy for kids to learn to tell analog time. It is called the Learn Time, Teach Time Analog Clock?. Although digital clocks are ubiquitous these days, learning to read analog time helps the brain develop the skills of spatial relationships and estimating; skills which will be called upon for higher math and throughout life in general.

I came up with this teaching concept over twenty years ago, when my boys were little and struggling with learning analog time (they are now 20 and 24). Their struggles brought back long forgotten memories of my own difficulties, and how traumatic an experience that was for me; someone who did well in school and had always learned quickly, until I encountered analog time! I felt like a failure! I didn’t want my children to go through that.

Once I put together an early version of my current clock, my boys caught on quickly. I feel certain that other children can benefit too, so I have polished my original idea and combined it with my love of whimsical patterns and bright colors. Though they were intended to appeal to children, even adults seem drawn to my fun designs. I construct and embellish each clock face by hand. My clocks come with teaching instructions and a paper copy of the clock with ?spin-dial? hands that children can handle. The ?lessons? offer parents and children a perfect opportunity to spend some quality educational time together. Even if parents don?t use the Teaching Instructions, however, just hanging this clock in the house will help children to see and understand the concepts behind analog time. It makes concepts visible.

There are currently 20 designs available and new ones are added monthly. Clocks are priced at $25.95 plus S/H & tax where applicable. All clocks are available on the website and can be purchased with a credit card.

NOTE – I should have a giveaway of these clocks in the near future so be sure to check in frequently.

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