HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Keurig B70 Platinum Single Cup Home Brewing System

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I like the best and buy the best for my family but not myself. That is how it has been since the time I married and started raising my family. I would have it no other way. They are what is important.

I had been given a competitor’s single cup coffee maker as a gift that I liked but with certain reservations. When it died a few months ago I found myself wishing for a machine that had all of the features that I want, that was easy to use, and that made good coffee. I decided not to rush to get anything because I wanted the best.

The Keurig B70 Platinum Brewing System caught my immediate attention before it was even out of the box. The features missing in my present single were in it. Great! Keurig Platinum has a sixty ounce water reservoir so no one ever had to keep running back to the sink every cupful. Its settings allow for five cup sizes plus another for travel mugs. It also makes iced tea (hubby’s favorite). An OPTIONAL K-cup filter basket is available. Why? Our family loves grinding our own good coffee beans, Arabica, Kona…need I go on?

I just brewed my first cup of coffee (Kona…what wonderful tropical memories) and noticed the digital clock. Since my wall one’s batteries always seem dead, I smiled. Less noise pollution as I won’t be shouting down the hall, “What time is it?” The Keurig Platinum has an adjustable temperature feature so my cup of cup of will be as I like it–neither scalding nor cold. The best thing about the system is that it’s easy to use. Fill the reservoir with water, place a k-cup inside, choose your cup size and press brew. The system has an automatic set too. What a welcome way to begin the day–fresh brewed coffee immediately on getting out of bed!

I feel spoiled. I don’t have to wish any more. Thank you, Keurig. The Keurig was #1 on my Holiday Wish List.

The Keurig Platinum Brewing System is available online and in major department stores. Its current SMR is $169.99. With least thirteen different manufacturers supply over 200 varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa K-Cups, I know my coffee will please every palate.

About the Keurig Platinum Single Cup Brewing System

The Platinum Brewing System is Keurig’s best single-cup brewing system for your home. This premium model offers discerning coffee drinkers the widest range of five cup size options for brewing.

The Platinum offers the full spectrum of features including Auto On/Off, Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature Control and the “Set Your Favorite Cup Size” option. The largest available 60 oz. removable water reservoir holds up to ten cups before refilling and the removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning and the use of travel mugs. The sleek, award-winning design is a unique footprint among Keurig’s line of home brewing systems and includes both a blue lit water reservoir and blue lit LCD display.

* UL and c-UL approved for Household use only
* Power: 1,500 Watts
* Voltage: 120VAC/60Hz
* Weight: 12 lb empty; 15 lb full
* Dimensions: 13″H 10″W 13.25″D

The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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  1. I’ve had coffee brewed from this machine and it is out of this world fresh! My friend had so many varieties to choose from, but I didn’t know there were over 200 varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa K-Cups to choose from! Thanks for the review.

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