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About the iHome iP9

The iP9 is an innovative clock radio for iPhone & iPod designed to shield annoying iPhone/mobile phone GSM noise. This way the airplane mode is not required and you?ll never miss a call again when your iPhone is docked.

The iP9 has several unique features, including a remote control, AM/FM presets, EQ controls, and even 3D sound for an enhanced audio experience. The iP9 also allows you to wake to your custom iPod playlist at different times on different days with our 7-5-2 feature and programmable snooze settings. You?ll also enjoy phenomenal sound around the clock with our Reson8 stereo speaker chambers.

We are back from our vacation home in time for the holidays. I love where we stay. It has all the amenities and then some. I was born middle class, raised middle class. That is what I am middle class, but I like the good life and the good things.

Youngest son and his father did the driving to Florida and back. Me, I got the back seat, finally got the time to relax, and watched DVD’s. Understand on a vacation with me, it is Go, GO, GO. If I wanted to stay in bed, I could do that at home. I like going places and seeing things.

Back to the point. All of the family except my daughter, her husband, and her two were in Orlando that week. Certainly, there was a lot going on. Amusement parks, dinner theaters, specialty store shopping, movies, clubbing, and not to forget the pool–we all were busy. The day before checkout, I was busy organizing and packing. How was I going to get everything I brought down back home along with the souvenirs and everything else we bought? Roll, tuck, stuff, squeeze…. It was much easier when I was fifty pounds heavier for hubby to zip suitcases as I sat on them.

When I heard some noise (my sons refer to it as music) from their bedroom, I raced in to see what the commotion was all about. It was an iHome iPod alarm clock playing what LA had on his iPod. ET dared laugh at me when I asked him where the stereo was. I couldn’t believe that such a compact carried what I can only describe as ghetto blaster boom box sound. I have a small alarm clock by my bed at home. I immediately longed for to replace my alarm clock at home and to give my iPod a gorgeous and functional place to charge.

I returned home and was lucky enough to receive an invitation to review an iHome iP9 iPod – iPhone clock radio. My iP9 is fantastic. It is audio gear that truly expands options. It is a combined stereo and alarm clock that works with an iPod or iPhone, on AM/FM, or just buzzes for wake up. It can be used even as a charging dock. Built in are radio presets, a sleep timer, and a speaker and audio jack It even acts as a charging dock. It has a remote control (for men like mine who set an alarm but refuse to get up and turn it off). It also has line-in jacks for electronics like CD and MP3 players. Its retail price is $100.

Thank you, iHome, for sending him. I love my iP9. It is a lot better than coal…another story for another time. It is just what I wanted.

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