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icarly digital video cam


About the iCarly Digital Video Camera

This compact digital video camera is perfect for that on-the-go girl. It has a build-in microphone and allows you to easily capture and share those great video moments.

I remember back when toys were child powered and imagination not batteries made things go. Toys came put together, no parts to assemble, no decals to apply. Kid play was creative and parents did not push for little mini-mes.

A half decade plus later, as the saying goes, the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Well, this statement applies to women and girls as well. It is an almost sure bet that one’s gadget bag has stored inside a motion picture camera, a camcorder, and a flip. In this electronic based world, videos are the thing.

The? iCarly Digital Video Cam with Faceplates is being marketed for children ages four and up. However, I think it is more appropriate for tweens 8-12. The iCarly handheld camcorder is small, lightweight, and sturdy. It has its own built-in mike, software, and foldout LCD screen. It has 300k pixel resolution and can record up to 100 minutes of fun and games.

The iCarly Digital Video Cam with Faceplates is available for purchase in stores and online. I like its features and its MSR $49.99 tag, pricing varies depending on where you buy it. I personally tried this one myself as I am technologically delayed (you too know what I mean if you have problems using a remote). Recommendation: If I can handle it so can a kid.

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