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I just received an eco-friendly Goody Green Bag. Thank goodness! Now I don’t have to search for a used plastic bag to hold my shopping. Now I won’t need to use my pocketbook for miscellaneous traveling needs.

About Goody Green Bag

Goody Green Bags are eco-trendy reusable bags designed for the style conscious & environmentally friendly shopper. Goody Green Bags are perfect for those seeking functional, fun and affordable “green” products.

Why we’re different….
-Functional and stylish alternative to paper or plastic bags
-Trendy patterns make it fresh and fun to save our planet
-Easily fold down to the size of an envelope for handy use
-Affordable price makes it easy to balance being green while staying stylish

Goody Green Bags are perfect for browsing the farmers market, trips to the grocery store, mall shopping, picking up take out, and toting baby supplies! They easily fold up and can be stored in your glove compartment, purse or pocket for easy access. The compact size is perfect for travel and our bags fold out to a full size tote ideal for a gym bag, beach bag or souvenir carry-on for your trip home. Goody Green Bags make a great eco-friendly gift for moms, hostesses, new parents and trend setting friends and family members!

Our bags were selected as the official celebrity gift bag for the 2008 American Music Awards, Obama’s Celebrity & VIP Inauguration party, the 2009 Grammy “MusiCares” pre-party, and the 2009 Oscars pre-party.

Light weight, durable, washable, and recyclable, when I first saw my Dottie bag, it was so compactly folded that I thought it was a coupon organizer. Then I opened and unfolded, voila, it morphed into a full size multi-purpose tote.

Goody Green Bag reusable bags can be used as gift bags, baby bags, travel bags, gym bags, farmer’s market bags, and knitting bags. They make storing or carrying party favors, library books, beach goods, gardening tools, and, obviously, groceries easy.

Our bags come in 2 sizes? (18.5 X 15 X 2.75 inches and 16 X 18 X 6 inches) and 11 fabulous patterns so there’s a style for everyone! Goody Green Bags are $8.95-$9.95 each and are sold online at

Goody Green Bag is currently offering flat $5 shipping and FREE shipping over $50!!! They’ve also asked me to share a Friends & Family 15% off discount link with you for your holiday shopping:

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  1. Wow…they were highlighted for the Inauguration and Music Awards. VERY cool. I think your best idea was to take it to bring home souveniurs while on a vacation. We haven’t done much of this, but when we have., we have ended up BUYING cheap tote bags for all the kids things. What a waste. I can see why these are BIG news.

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