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Whenever my son-in-law’s car broke down, he insisted he needed a new battery. Whenever hubby’s camper didn’t start, he insisted he needed a new battery. Whenever the kids’ toys and electronics worked, they insisted they needed new batteries. Over the years, I have invested enough in batteries that I could be rich.

I keep batteries in all sizes and shapes in my refrigerator ready. It’s smarter business than having to go to the convenience store in the wee hours and have to pay a profiteer’s price. I know spent batteries don’t really help our environment, so this year with the holidays approaching, I am stocking up and going green.

Several weeks ago I received samples of Fuji Enviromax Batteries in AA and AAA sizes.

About Fuji EnviroMAX

Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are the perfect stocking stuffer, or you can wrap them up with the toy. The much anticipated line — maximum power with minimum impact — comes in Super Alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D) and Digital Alkaline (AA, AAA) and is one of the first eco-respectful, high performance brands on the market — mercury, cadmium and PVC-free and land-fill safe.

The batteries recently won two parenting awards from The National Parenting Center and iParenting Media. Fuji EnviroMAX batteries are competitively priced and match — or even exceed — the performance and lifespan of other major brands. You can read more about them online at

I decided to test them our then write my opinion when I saw how long they lasted. Bad decision on my part as my remotes and electronics are still working. They haven’t died yet and that is great. I like the fact that using them will cut down cost. I like the fact more that they contain no harmful elements like mercury and cadmium. Their added bonus is that their packaging uses no dangerous, non-recyclable PVC plastic.

I plan to buy more Fuji Enviromax. They have proven their power and longevity to me.

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