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About Freehands Gloves

Freehands gloves are designed to help people keep in touch by making it easy to use handheld devices without removing your gloves in cold weather. A quick flick of the caps exposes the user?s thumb and index fingers to text, email and game. This is the perfect gift for the tech-obsessed when you are looking for something more creative than another gadget.

If you are anything like most of the people I know, you have a cell and IM. Now that the weather is getting cold and icy you are going to have cold, cold hands unless you wear gloves. I know that putting them on makes the phone harder to hold and that covered thumb and first digit ones hard to use.

Solution. Freehands Gloves, the gloves that keep in touch. This is a stylish product that does more than just warm. I just love the Microfur style with its two layers, velour on the outside and faux fur on the inside. Its digital palm grip and velcro secured flip-back finger caps allow for easy access to touch screens and keypads.

Freehands makes gloves for both men and women in a variety of colors, styles and fabrics. Pricing ranges from $18.00 to $40.00 a pair.?Visit more information or to purchase.

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