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I enjoy word searches, word finds, jumbles, and most word games so I like Basic Concepts’ Fast4Words board game for two players.

Its equipment is a four-by-four standing grid with two built-in timers and two red buttons, ten red four-sided lettered dice, ten blue four-sided dice, scoring pad, and instruction booklet.

Its rules are simple. Players take turns placing their letter cubes on the grid. Once the grid is full, each begins his own word search for two, three, and four lettered ones. The time limit is four minutes Order of letters can be either forward or back straight, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Points are assigned to every word found (one per letter) with a bonus for left over time.

I liked playing Fast4Words. Each time round, I learned. Good strategy involves blocking the opponent. The right letter can make you a winner, or it can stop your play. And since the words are simple, there is no need for a referee or a dictionary. Of course, spelling counts.

Fast4Words retails for $15. Visit

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4 thoughts on “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Fast4Words

  1. Hi Ms. Pat. We have this board game at home but I lost the instructions. My nephew would want to play but I forgot how to play this. If you would kindly email me the instructions I would be very much indebted to you. Thank you very much.

    1. Misplaced the rules somewhere in the last five years; however, the general rules are on the holiday gift guide you read.

  2. We love board games, especially during the LONG, DREARY winter. My kids would learn from this AND with my brain-block issues it might be good for me. AND my mom would like this to keep up her mental activity too. We played a game last night and the four of us were laughing and screaming so hard when getting so frustrated and teasing each other a bit. Nice to shut off the TV and play!!
    AND this game is nicely priced. Good for a gift to other friends.

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

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