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Ever accidentally thrown your keys in the garbage? Spent a half-hour looking for the remote or your kid?s Gameboy? Here?s a product that forgetful folks will love. EZ-Find makes a new system that allows you to easily and efficiently keep track of up to 25 items. It?s the perfect tech gift for the busiest people on your list.

The EZ-Find system includes a handheld transmitter, LCD screen and twenty-five receiver tags that you can conveniently place on any easily misplaced item. This small gadget is ideal for anyone who never wants to lose their keys, iPods, remotes, USB flash drives?even pets! Ten minutes of lost time per day means forty hours of lost time per year!

When EZ-FIND sent me an email describing their product, I was skeptical to say the least. Locating small, hard to find objects has been very tough around here until now. When I asked hubby if we could buy another EZ-Find to find my EZ-Find, his response was, “You really are kidding, aren’t you?” Well, I was–I hope.

I am the lady who is always losing something–keys, remotes, cell phone, cordless phone, camera, camcorder, ipod, and the list goes on and on. I plan to be buying more tags since EZ-Find tracks up to 25 items. This electronic locator uses microchip technology and is wireless. No more lengthy, frustrating search and find missions for me anymore. I have my EZ-Find.

The contents of the Starter Pack include a transmitter, four tags, key ring loops, adhesive, tag number labels, and a user’s guide.

EZ is easy to use. First, take a small programmable ID tag and attach it to something you lose or frequently misplace. Next enter its name or number information into the transmitter. This automatically synchronizes the 12 character LCD transmitter display with the tag. Then test it out. A loud 92 decibel alarm with a 60 to 100 foot range sounds out the location of the item.

EZ-FIND retails for $59.95 and can be purchased at It comes with a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee.

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One thought on “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – EZ-FIND Electronic Locator

  1. This item is GENIUS! I am forever losing the remote or my cell phone. I am just one of those people that would lose their own head if I was to take it off and lay it down. For that reason, I don’t carry a purse or money (I just bring hubby along to pay for whatever I need). I will lose the remote or my phone and tell the family it is time to hunt it down. They all sigh (probably thinking, when is mom going to snap out of it…..well sorry kiddos, it only gets worse from here CHEERS). Anyway, they are always teasing me that we need an alarm attached to my phone and remote, and a million times I told them they need to invent one. Well no need now, this system looks like it would do the job. Thanks for the review. It might be a must have for me, because I kid you not. I lose everything.

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