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I hate canister vacuums. I hate vacuums that don’t do the job. I hate vacuums with bags. Over the years many vacuums have come and gone in this house–and I mean top name brands like Hoover, Electrolux, and Phantom. Then I bought my first Dyson. It was love from the first. You see we are very tough on vacuums around here. A coal stove, birds, long-haired cats, a boxer, and a St. Bernard make for a lot of debris. My purple Animal is the best ever.

I suggested to hubby this summer taking it with us camping. It always rains NASCAR race week at the Glen making our motor home one muddy carpeted floor. Ugh! He told me I was being silly as it would be a problem storing it. He was right so I bought a hand-held dust buster type. It was a waste of money.

Now when I discovered that Dyson had a new DC31 on the market, I thought it would be great. Still I wondered if any handheld tool would be worth $269.00 retail with extra attachments (36 flexi crevice tool, soft dusting brush, stiff bristle brush, mattress tool) available at $29.99 each even with its own 2 year warranty.

I got the opportunity to judge for myself when Dyson sent me the portable DC31 Animal vacuum in satin purple to review. It advertises the DC31 was designed for homes with pets. That describes mine. If it passes my house, I know it would work in the wild and woolly as well as in he camper.

Here is the product description direct from Dyson:

Dyson DC31 Animal is a handheld vacuum with a motorized brush bar, designed for homes with pets. Ideal for quick pick-ups and spot cleaning. It also has dual power mode that gives longer run-time for large jobs or extra suction for stubborn dirt. Powered by the new Dyson digital motor – three times faster, the most power efficient.

Here are some of the DC31 product features:

  • Dual power mode – 10 minutes of high constant suction or 6 minutes with 70% higher suction
  • Dyson digital motor – Smaller, lighter and more powerful than conventional motors; no carbon brushes, no carbon dust
  • Lightweight and ergonomic – only 3.4lbs with balanced weight distribution for easy handling
  • Hygienic and quick to empty – minimizes risk of contact with dirt
  • Motorized brush bar – powerful bristles remove dirt and pet hair from carpets

OK. Time for me to take DC31 through the paces. We had Italian for dinner, salad, crusty bread, meatballs, spaghetti. Mid-way through the meal, I decided it was time to use the DC31 as a silent butler and get rid of the crumbs on the table.

Perfect job, not noisy. Score one.

The men had been smoking and the ashtrays were full of nasty ashes and butts. Instead of emptying them into the garbage directly, I attempted to suck them up.

Well done although the longer butts took a second or so longer. Score two.

What next? I spied some litter outside the cat box.

Gone in a flash. Score three.

Time for a big challenge. Roxie has been shedding. The big idea was to vacuum her coat gently. It failed miserably as my boxer told me emphatically with her paws this would not happen. Undaunted, I moved on to Prince, my St. Bernard. It worked well for about the count of ten then the canister was completely full.

Score four but there had to be a better way–I mean for my big boy. The tumbling tumbleweed in the deserts out West have less bulk than his hairballs! I finished the job with my Dyson Animal. (Side fact, the handheld I have been testing matches it exactly to a T.)

I asked hubby to test it on the job or in one of his home fix-it projects. He complied with the latter and sucked up sawdust and debris successfully until the charge quit. So he took a break until the DC31 was ready to go again. In all fairness, it was a humongous job as after he installed a flat panel TV on the wall, he took out a kitchen cabinet, resized it, and replaced it back into a wall of cabinetry. Score five.

Hubby citing danger to his life if he lost or damaged the DC31, refused to take it to work with him. Before my protesting, he explained he had just been out two days earlier and the household he was working in had the original model in yellow. His point of fact was that since it did the job, any improved model would do that much then more. Seeing his point, score six.

My Dyson DC31 Animal Vacuum Cleaner is indispensable to me. Thank you, Dyson, for giving me a better way.

2 thoughts on “HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Dyson DC31 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

  1. i would LOVE to have this machine…not for the animal in my house (our mini Schnauzer who doenst even shed) but for the rest of the family that ACT like animals sometimes!!! Well, just having kids is inviting dirt, sand, grass, etc. into the house. My hubby hunts and brings in hitch hikers and grass. Even with leaving ALL our shoes and boots at the door, I am amazed at the amount of “dirt” our floors hold.
    I have had COUNTLESS vacuums the past 30 years of being of ‘keeping house” and all have failed me. THey SUCKED and I dont mean that in a GOOD way!!!
    I think it’s time to bite the bullet and just buy the Dyson. I know they are expensive but sounds like are worth the money. I could have bought several by now with having to replace the crummy ones we have had. My sister has one and she is HOOKED!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

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