HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Brookstone Luxe Plush Scarf and Ear Muffs

brookstone luxe earmuffs

brookstone luxe plush scarf


The ladies decided on having a holiday grab bag. Love the idea but finding something in the right price range can be difficult as this is shopping for a stranger–no knowledge of likes and dislikes or sizing. Enter Brookstone.

I have a sister-in-law who puts everything she is given and doesn’t want into a closet. She is the one who is the queen of recycled gift giving. I am sure you yourself know someone like her. Well, I just found two gifts to which that would not, could not, and should not ever happen. They are Brookstone’s Luxe Plush Scarf and Luxe Earmuffs.

I like the warm, snuggly, plush 66″ scarf enough to either wear it myself or give to a member of the family. It is thick, soft, and machine-washable. It comes in mink, ivory, and cocoa. It looks a lot richer than its $20.00 tag. Compliment it for $15.00 more with stylish matching ear muffs (meant to be worn at the back of the head).

For years I have been going into its stores nationwide and finding things that amuse and tickle. The Luxe Plush scarf and the Luxe plush ear muffs do that and more. They also keep you warm and comfy on a cold day.

Both the Luxe Plush Scarf and Luxe Earmuffs are available to purchase on

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