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brookstone always perfect digital meat thermometer


This was the conversation:

“Hubby, please put the pork roast on the grill rotisserie.”

“Pat, you can’t use the Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer on it.”

“Why can’t I use the automatic thermometer?”

He laughed at me as usual. Then he said something about it having an electric cord. Oh, swell, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.

I burn a lot of things including kitchen cabinets, pots, pans, food like rotisserie roasts, and ….

Brookstone has an alternative for people like me. It is the Brookstone Always Perfect Digital meat Thermometer that is guaranteed to cook nine different foods to perfection. A digital meat thermometer in the handle with a color changing back-lit display indicates doneness level. Example: Beef. Green is just started and 130; blue is medium rare and 145; purple is medium and 160; red is well done/done and 170.

Select until the food –meat, chicken, hamburger, fish turkey, lamb, veal, pork, or potato–being cooked illuminates. Then put the fork probe in to check how cooking is progressing. The fork even has its own two minute shut off, a great thing for people like me. With meat prices ever sky-rocketing, the Digital Chef’s fork is worth $29.95 because a good cut of meat many times costs more.

The Always Perfect Digital Meat Thermometer is available exclusively from Brookstone and sells for $29.95. It measures food temperature and doneness based on USDA-approved temperatures for nine popular types of food.

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