Is luck what you make it or what you wish for? How much power is in the mind? With this said, I was sent Brazilets, a Latin American ornament with a tradition of its own. They are bright, colorful orange, yellow purple, green, brown, or white ribbons. On each is printed lemranca do senhor do bonfim da bahia. Brazilets are worn by wrapping around the wrist and tying three knots for three wishes; when the material wears down and the Brazilets fall off naturally, it is believed that the three wishes will come true.

More about Brazilets

Do you wear your luck? The makers of Brazilets ? the wish celebs like Lauren Conrad, Carson Kressley & even Katie Couric have been wearing around their wrists ? have also created the Sorte necklace. The necklaces ? currently popular in Brazil ? are designed to give luck and protection behind and in front of you, while the Brazilets make your wishes come true. Brazilets are only 5 dollars retail and perfect for kids of all ages. Sorte is 60 dollars retail and is perfect to get into the Christmas spirit with its visual references.

A 200 year-old tradition from mystical Bahia, Brazil, “Brazilets” are worn throughout Latin America and provide a spiritual significance for all who wear them. Wrap Brazilets around your wrist and tie three knots, making a wish with each knot. When your Brazilets naturally break down and fall off, it is believed that your three wishes will come true! With Brazilets, you now have a colorful, attractive way to proclaim your wishes while also making a real contribution to future generations…

Both stylish and demure, there are three styles of Sorte necklaces to choose from: silver, crystal (crystal onyx, crystal pyrite, and pyrite gold), and mother of pearl (red, purple, brown, and blue).

Wearing your luck around your neck with the Sorte necklace doesn?t just protect you. The creators of the Sorte necklace have partnered with brands such as O.N.E. Natural Experience ? committed to preserving the earth by using renewable resources ? and organizations including the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund and Plant A Billion Trees project, committed to rebuilding the storm-ravaged areas of New Orleans and preserving the Amazon rainforest, respectively.

In case you didn’t know, Brazilets donates money back to protect the Amazon in Brazil. For more information or to get yours, go to Prices start at $5.00.

I made my three wishes. How about you? Will you wear your wishes or not?

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