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About Backseat Drawing Junior

Players race to identify drawings – but, the artist doesn’t know what he or she is drawing! The artist can only follow the instructions given by a director. For example, a director might tell the artist to draw a square, and then add a triangle on top. Is it a tree or a house? The director needs to tell the artist how big the shapes need to be. Get the picture? Laughter erupts as players attempt to follow instructions and to guess what the pictures might be.

Out of the Box has a game on the market that is all about sketchy directions. Backseat Drawing Junior is for four to eight players aged seven and up.? It includes 168 cards for 336 words, an erasable board, and dry markers.

Those playing choose a director who takes one of the picture cards. He then tell the artist how to draw something without actually telling him what he is drawing. He must be very specific and avoid general instructions, and he must be able to think of alternate ways to say the same thing. His directions must be given only terms of size, shape, orientation, and location. He can also use geometrical and directional terms. I like the game. It would be great to use to develop thinking skills in math, art, and language classes.

Being director is fun. Being behind an eight ball isn’t. Under scrutiny, many freeze and can’t switch thinking gears. Backstreet Drawing Junior proves who can give and who can follow directions. It gives the players lots of laughs and comic moments too.

Backseat Drawing can be purchased for $19.99 from Out Of The Box.

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