Help At Home First

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Legislators, help your own country first. Low cost health insurance is needed for every citizen. The national budget, state budgets, and local government budgets are drowning because of free medical care given to people in the name of charity. Americans deserve the helping hand that the U. S. A so often extends to other peoples in the name of compassion. In the present economy, too many simply do not have the money for a visit to the doctor or for getting a prescription filled.

4 thoughts on “Help At Home First

  1. In an airplane emergency you are instructed to put on your own oxygen mask before you help others. Likewise, we need to make sure our own citizens are cared for before we are stretched too thin helping other nations.

  2. On Oprah yesterday, it was about the happiest people in the world and where they lived. I remember Denmark and Dubai being 2 of them. They have free healthcare and education there. That would certainly be nice!

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