Passed On — a Generation at a Time

val butt rug

I used to vacuum the wall to wall carpet. That wall to wall was supposed to add warmth to the house while minimizing the noise level. It only made me sick and sicker. I suffered from its hidden store of contagions. I hate the sneezies that come with dust, dander, dirt, and summer spores that went into the carpeting. I know you get the picture.

So I ordered it removed. In its place I ordered a couple of medium-sized area rugs for my living room and dining room to accent my hard wood floor. I can’t believe that I ever wanted to hide its beauty. It’s an ideal focal point for decorating in many homes and has been for as many years as I am alive.

When I was born, my uncle and his wife presented my mother with two lovely chenille ones–pink, blue, and white. I remember their being in my nursery until my parents moved me into real furniture. I saved them for my first born where their soft pastel cats warmed crib side. I passed them down again years later to my first grandchild.

I remember taking pictures of my first born. Bare butt Bunny lay on one–the kind of picture mothers love and growing children hate. Of course I displayed that photo proudly. Years later when one of her dates came to the house, her little brother took it to pester his sister and her friend. I think little brother expected a payoff for him to go away.

As my no longer baby girl uttered big B words, his attempt at blackmail and bribery was foiled. When her date left, it was her time to torment and embarrass him. Meanwhile I looked for some soap.

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