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devil picture

I was looking through my pictures for something I’m working on and found some of my boys as devils. I must have been type casting. I bought all the costumes when the Ewok one I was sewing didn’t work out. Artsy crafty creative I am not. I mailed out for green dragon and Humpty Dumpty. The local newspaper published a picture of the latter stuffed with blown up zippered plastic bags. (It took a lot to blow them all up). Other years there were kitty cats, giraffes, zebras, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Winnie Pooh. I’m glad I have those Kodak moments before the world went digital.

I love Halloween with its carved pumpkins and outside decorations. I especially enjoy seeing the kids who appear at my door in all kinds of costumes. When my menfolk answer the door they prefer the lassies in skimpy costumes, some even wearing sexy thigh highs. I smile and wonder how these young girls don’t get pneumonia. It is a neat, fun-filled time where trick-or-treaters are rewarded for being good. The buckets and pillowcases of goodies that vagabonds collect or do not collect door to door tell the story.

2 thoughts on “Halloween costumes

  1. Dear Deb,

           Too many parents want to be popular and friends not role models.  I just love those devils–that was about 23 years ago.  My grandson later used one of the costumes–much later lilke about ten years ago.  


  2. oh what handsome little devils you have there your story reminds me of my little one she is verry tall and when we went to get her a halloween costume they told me to try the older kids sizes because the youth didnt fit and all i can say is wow i would never let my little one were that so i left and said i would make one and i did it was nice not great but not as sexy as the ones in the store and on halloween to my supprize alot of young kids had way too sexy halloween costume on for their age

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