Fun is priceless.

I’m planning again for a trip to WDW. The major problem is it’s zero budgeted. But I definitely have some ideas on how to keep busy. I did a test run about ten years ago with my grandson TJ when my daughter went to the races. She forbade me to go into the theme parks. I can try them again. All it needs is a kid or kid at heart.

First TJ and I took a round-trip ride on the monorail. We were even lucky enough to have seating in the first car. The views were spectacular especially the one of the mosaic 90 feet high mural in the Contemporary. After a late breakfast at the Kona Cafe where TJ feasted on Mickey Mouse waffles as I savored every bite of the Tonga toast, we moved on.

disney discovery island
(Photo Copyright 1976 Walt Disney Productions)

We took a boat ride from the Polynesian over to Discovery Island. It was TJ’s first ride on one so I had to assure him that he was safe and wouldn’t drown. (The irony of it is that his mother is loves water and is a swimming champ. He was awed by huge turtles, entranced by the monkeys at play. Too bad that beautiful natural habitat closed. Now I can’t keep my promise of returning there again with him one day.

From Discovery Island the boat transported us to the campgrounds. Running to see the goats, sheep and other farm at the petting zoo, venturing onto a pony ride, checking out the big horses in the stables, and just playing in the nearby playground gave TJ joy and pleasure. Me, I was slowly getting exhausted but I wouldn’t cut the day even a moment short. Oh, to have the energy of a child!

On to the Marketplace for window shopping in what has become known today as the World of Disney store, a couple of kiddie rides, time to check out the Lego displays–the water serpent in the nearby lake really caught our eyes–then make our own….

It was dark by then and, boy, was the boy hungry! Knowing how children always want McDonald’s, I led TJ to the one there. As he watched the G gauge trains overhead transport fries and burgers across the ceiling, I ordered a kid’s meal for him. Then it was back to our hotel.

He was asleep before his head ever hit the pillow. I bet his dreams were happy. I knew mine would be.

4 thoughts on “Fun is priceless.

  1. I always pay my own way.  I’ll have enough to cover my transportation, food, attractions, and my fair share of whatever else I need.  Zero budgeting meant that children do not always need to go to places that cost money to have fun.  We can make things enjoyable with a little imagination and planning.

    1. I remember Big T who was still back home sending that Pooh floral to me. It was such a surprise and so, so beautiful. I still have its ceramic base.
      I always thought RB should learn to read and appreciate books more.

  2. If you are going to go to Disney World, or any other place, then be it my belief that you need to have something budgeted for the trip. When we go we make sure we have everything accounted for prior to leaving. Sound like a good grandmother. I offered to take my niece to WDW a few years back, and when the parents told me that they didn’t have the cash for food, and admission I told them that it was an offer to take, and supervise… NOT pay.

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