Friendly’s Sprinklevision

friendlys sprinklevision

Armed with the gift card and special Sprinkle Vision glasses received in the mail, I decided to treat hubby to dinner at Friendly’s. We are both kids at heart.

While we waiting for our dinners (burgers for him and chicken for me), hubby put his glasses on. He was in a playful mood and found WAFFLE immediately on the menu and dessert selections but nothing else. I wanted to play too so the kind waitress brought me two monocles. I tried squinting and keeping two in but one was my max. I must have looked hilarious. I also found WAFFLE.

The food was good as was both the service and pricing. We enjoyed ourselves immensely and shared some laughs. Now we are going home to check for its virtual ice cream factory, games, and contest prizes. The grand prize winner will appear in a new Friendly?s commercial, as well as receive a FLIP camera, an iTunes gift card and free ice cream for a year. Three additional winners will receive a tour of the real Friendly?s, free ice cream for a year, tickets to Six Flags New England and an iTunes gift card. 27 more winners will win free ice cream for a year.

Thank you, Friendly’s, for the Sprinklevision promo. Our fun date made us winners even if we don’t win another thing.

16 thoughts on “Friendly’s Sprinklevision

  1. Julie,

    What part?  I worked in NYC; we vacation in the Watkins Glen area; we jave driven many timews into Buffalo-Niagara Falls locale.


  2. Looks and sounds like fun. The last time I was at a Friendly’s was in New York State where I was born and raised

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