Forty Years Served

For this week’s Parent Bloggers Network blog blast we’re writing about potty training.

Toilet training–something that parents find never happens soon enough. Dirty, messy diapers are never a joy and always a big expense.

Bunny trained fast. It the pre-disposable era. How I loathed opening the diaper pail. What I hated even more was washing them in my semi-automatic wringer washing machine. I was most thankful when, at a little over a year, she moved into panties. With Bunny being an only child, I had time to help her work on it.

Luckily I upgraded to a fully automatic washer by the time I had JP. Disposables were readily available, but I as a young mother couldn’t afford that luxury. I waited patiently longing for no more diapers. Being a single parent with two, I wished I had more time. I just was not quite as lucky with his bodily function control. Everyone told me that boys took longer. That piece of knowledge did not help at all. He was two when he got into undies.

Older and wiser, I contracted with a diaper service as soon as hubby and I brought ET home from the hospital. I was scheduled for surgery in six weeks so I ordered myself diaper service. They offered two options–cloth and disposables–delivered weekly. Always traditional I decided on cloth for my eczema plagued infant.

But, I still had to open the diaper pail. Phew! Eau de baby ammonia! Gross! After three months I cancelled the service and returned to doing my own. The new cloth diapers I bought were prefolded. Even with that timesaver, my time as a working mother was short. That’s when I started buying disposables. I liked not having the soiled diapers in the house. Garbage was the best place for them.

Having LA a year after ET put two babies in diapers. As soon as ET started potty training, LA got sick. In my mind there was no doubt, when the child has diarrhea disposables are the only way to go. One step back. When ET recovered, LA had caught his brother’s bug. Another step back. I yearned for the boys to get into sync. Same pattern for three years when it happened. Deo gratias. My irish twins stopped wearing diapers.

Time had marched on but not by. Visits of the grandchildren brought diapers again but only temporary. All my children were adults although, at times, they did not act it. The house seemed empty so I rescued a boxer puppy. They say that a boxer is a puppy for years, and years, and years. ?Mine certainly was. Ironic, disposables again in the house… wee-pads for her.

This week’s Parent Bloggers Network blog blast is sponsored by The Potty Project by Pull-Ups. The Potty Project is a series of webisodes about six families and their quest to potty train their children. The site also contains resources and tools to assist you in potty training your child.

9 thoughts on “Forty Years Served

  1. Susieqpie,

       There were fun moments I forgot until after I hit the send button.  Like having had a little girl first then a little boy, in changing him getting squirted on–no past experience as girls puddle rather than shoot.  Oh, well….


  2. Michele,

         I have a couple of cats and litter boxes as well.  They are still better than cloth diaper cleanup.


  3. cute post! I, too, remember those days…I always used disposables, couldn’t stand the stinky diaper smell wafting thru the house. (guess I still can’t win, because now I have four cats and 2 litter boxes) thanks for sharing, brought back plenty of my own infant diaper memories with my two!

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