Fixing Up The Empty Nest

6 panel door

Our youngest son moved this month into my mother’s old apartment downstairs. She died 1992 and we haven’t used it much since then. He dared call his space a fix-em-upper. Well, perhaps it is. Today he and his father went to the super hardware store and shopped. Now they both tease me about my spending habits, but theirs are expensive. So far they have purchased five doors, molding, paint, paneling, a door bell, a toilet seat, a shower head, and some incidentals. When I went downstairs to check things out, they were complaining how dark the hallway was. I googled land found some Murray Feiss Lighting. Tomorrow when they go to exchange the toilet seat (its oval but the bowl is round), I want them to see if they have any of his lights and lamps in stock. They certainly are attractive and would brighten up the passage way.

6 thoughts on “Fixing Up The Empty Nest

  1. I think it’s cute and funny that when men complain about something, it usually ends up being another project for them! The Murray Feiss lighting is beautiful! I’d never heard of them before, but followed your link and took a look around.

  2. Just think of it as an up-dating project! The super hardware stores are so tempting these days. It seems they have almost everything! Let us know how the project goes!

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