fitnessUwear – Info On How New Exercise Accessories And A Giveaway

The arrival of warmer months brings outdoor picnics, ball games and beach days. For most families, these activities are eagerly anticipated, but for the average mother, the looming shorts, dresses and bathing suits can bring on loads of stress. Since moms are often busy caring for their families, they sacrifice daily activities such as a trip to the gym or an outdoor jog, leaving less time to create that trim and fit body they long for.

With this dilemma in mind, two busy moms created fitnessUwear, a fashionable fitness company that offers busy women the opportunity to complete their daily exercise needs with an innovative line of ?wearable fitness? products that can easily be incorporated into a hectic schedule. Just in time for Mother?s Day, fitnessUwear?s exercise accessories are a great gift for any busy mom who would like to shape up without the sacrifice.


banglz wrist

* Banglz Wrist and Ankle Weights can be worn like jewelry to give slight resistance all day, which helps tone arms, legs, hips and glutes, and with their fashionable prints camouflage into her everyday clothing.
* SmartSlip acts as both a resistance band and slimming shapewear under a skirt or over black leggings. This fun, fashionable fitness wear is the perfect addition to every mom?s busy day.


Thanks to the folks at KMR Communications, one winner will receive a set of Banglz, approximate value $25.


To enter leave me a comment telling me what your favorite thing to wear when working out is.


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51 thoughts on “fitnessUwear – Info On How New Exercise Accessories And A Giveaway

  1. I love to wear my fit flops & not as attractive wrist/ankle weights while using my elliptical machine

  2. I like wearing a extra supportive sports bra, extra long tank and capri yoga pants, ankle socks and nike’s when I work out.

    mariadelgado32302 at yahoo dot com

  3. Capris, a tee, and sports bra. The double bras is a great idea tho, sounds more comfortable. Will definitely try that one.

  4. Dear Dixie,

         The energy of a foour year old is more of a workout than a trainer can give.  Enjoy your little one.


  5. i am not much of a fitness buff, so most of my workouts involove chasing my 4 year old around! my favorite thing to wear ALWAYS is my doc martens. 🙂 if i get a choice a tee shirt is always nice, but try telling that to an impatient little one!

  6. Dear Paige,

           You must be a fan of What Not to Wear.  Those girls deserve the best.  I had an aunt who sagged ti the knees–only exaggerating.



  7. I wear yoga pants and a t-shirt. Oh, and double bras. Don’t want those girls moving around too much, you know.

  8. Dear Elisabet,

          One of the best moments I enjoyed was a man riding his bike on the streets of San Diego with his obviously loyal dog trailing along.  Wish I had my camera there.


  9. I am a biker – with my dog in the basket in front – so I wear shorts and t-shirt – and I live in the Floria Keys!

  10. Jessica,

           I like mine so much in any length that I hate to wear jeans and slacks.


  11. Heather,

           Practical me would choose that since it is in my summer wardrobe already.


  12. Dear Tiffani,

          I agree.  Those sports bras really are comfortable anywhere.


  13. Dear Renee,

          I agree.  The pplace I had therapy scheduled had its gym set up that way–with machines and  television.  The water makes it even better.


  14. I like to wear shorts, a t-shirt, and have a water bottle handy while I watch T.V. and walk on my treadmill. Entertainment and exercise go great together!

  15. I just wear my sports bra and a pair of shorts when I hit the treadmill.

  16. Christine,

        Is that something like a skort or more like the classic tennis outfit?



  17. Julie,

        I just love skorts–hard to find in plus sizes but every now and then fashion brings them back into the store.



  18. I like the exercise skorts…they cover up what you don’t want seen, and yet look cute at the same time!!

  19. Susan,

          IPods are the best.  I recently had my husband put some books on one.  I think music would be better thouogh for exercising–the rhythmn.


  20. Jackie,

         What will inventors think of next?  This will probably become a fashion trend.


  21. I don’t work out often, but when I do, I just like to wear a comfy t-shirt and some comfy shorts. Thanks for the review and giveaway…the Banglz are really neat.

  22. I think this is a great idea. My favorite things to wear while exercising are either my ear piece for my cell phone or my iPod. I find the exercise goes much more quickly and effortlessly if I’m talking to a friend on the phone or, if that’s not possible, listening to music. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Judy,

         Everyone should exercise in some way or another.  Walking is easy and natural.


  24. The only workout I do is walking and good to go in a tee shirt and some jeans. Thank you!

  25. Wow, what a great idea! I love to wear my comfy new balance sneakers when I work out. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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