Extreme Trains Complete Season One Review And Giveaway

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I always loved toy trains. When I made my list for Santa I always asked for one. I didn’t get it ever. Later as a teen, I asked my father to get me one for Christmas. He refused explaining I was a girl. Eventually I moved out and married. The first Christmas I bought myself a train. I have been collecting them on and off ever since.

The History Channel has great non-fiction DVD’s. Recently I got to watch its “Extreme Trains“. I enjoyed seeing monster railroad trains and engines do their job. I want to highlight two of them right now then let you find out about the others for yourself.

Pennsylvania’s Norfolk Southern RR rides a 105 car mile long train. If that isn’t enough those cars move 16,000 tons of coal across the Alleghanys, through Johnstown, then on to its power plant destination. Wow! See helper locomotives, 20% steep grades, full throttle 10 MPH, a dangerous horseshoe curve 1,800 feet across and a half mile long as this extreme train travels the rails.

B & S’s 7,000 foot freight train travels from the Port of Los Angeles to Fort Worth. Its 250 cars of double stacked containers carry 29,000 tons of cargo, mostly high end electronics, from customs to the international hub in 48 hours. Is this speeding? It navigates special bridges, traveling under a city knows for its earthquakes, getting to the San Bernardino Pass, the Cajon Pass Tunnel and Summit, the Mojave Desert, Barstow Maintenance, and Able Canyon, on the way to Alliance. Hazards include scorching temperature, flash flooding, and landslides.

Other trains featured include a high speed train, an ice cold express, a steam train, an overnight train, and a transcontinental one. FYI: This old lady loved seeing and learning about them all.

Extreme Trains Complete Season One DVD is available to purchase from the History shop and is currently on sale for $15.98.


The winner of this giveaway will receive Extreme Trains Complete Season One on DVD.


To enter leave a comment on this post telling me if you’ve ever ridden a train, where you rode it and what you thought.


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97 thoughts on “Extreme Trains Complete Season One Review And Giveaway

  1. I have never been on a train, but I really want to — especially if I could take my son who loves trains!

  2. Sounds neat! I have never ridden a train, but I’d love to. It looks fun and kind of romantic in an adventurous sort of way.

  3. Wow. I’ve never ridden a train but have wanted to my whole life! My hubby and I are planning a train trip eventually. He is obsessed with trains. 🙂

  4. Denise,

    Traveling gthe sougthwest I saw a lot of track and freight cars.  Made  me decide I want to take a train trip myself.  Never too late.  


  5. In the US I have only taken the train to Conn. and NYC from DC. Not very impressive…

  6. I’ve never ridden a train. My little boy adores trains though, so we we really should take a train ride sometime. My little guy likes to watch the trains go by here in town. He pretends they are characters from Thomas stories, and speculates about what they might be carrying.

  7. I have ridden a train a few times. The first time was when I was quite young, early elementary age. We had AMTRAK stations, and we took a short ride as a field trip. I enjoyed it with all of the enthusiasm of youth. The refreshment car was fun =) as I remember.I was able to accompany my siblings on similar field trips, so I rode this section of track at least three times when I was young.

    When I was in Jr High, my family took a long road trip, and part of the trip included a train ride from Durango to Silverton, CO. The train ride lasted a little over an hour and it was through beautiful, mountainous terrain. On the ride to Silverton, we rode in an open air car, enjoying the scenery. When we arrived we stayed a couple hours, exploring the historically preserved mining town. On the way home we rode in an enclosed car and rested.

    We also had a wonderful Rail Road museum where we could see full size train cars, engines, etc, as well as models. We were able to learn a lot about the history of train travel by exploring this museum.

  8. I have never been on a train before but I have always wanted to at least once. I hope I will have the chance sometime in the future. That would be really fun. Thank you!

  9. Kelly,

    Going cross country I have seen a lot of trains–many freight.  I wish I had taken the one I planned years ago before the kids grew up.  Maybe someday.


  10. Elsie,

    Last train ride I took was on the Strassburg Rasiailroad in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country.  It was lovely but too. too short.


  11. I had a window seat on a train trip in the Cuyahoga River Valley, in a scenic area of Ohio, viewing a tranquil pond, several lovely deer, small waterfalls , with a hint of autumn in the air…
    It was a fun and leisurely ride, the conductor was charming, the pace was relaxing!

    Trains are delightful, I would love to watch this giveaway DVD “Extreme Trains” with my family, to inspire us as we ride the rails of our imaginations!

  12. I’ve ridden a train in the Cuyahoga River Valley, through a scenic area of Ohio, passing a tranquil pond, several lovely deer, many small waterfalls, with the hint of autumn in the air…beautiful and serene.
    ….Loved the train, the conductor was charming, the ride was leisurely and fun.

    The giveaway “Extreme Trains” would be something I could enjoy with my family… I would be delighted to visit these wonderful trains on DVD! Sounds like a dream to watch and discover…..! A train whistle souvenir is a favorite keepsake of mine!

  13. I rode a train from Iowa to California when I was 2 but I don’t remember anything about it. Since then I’ve ridden 2 nostalgic steam trains, the one at Boone, IA and the one at North Freedom, WI. They were both a lot of fun. I’d love to take the dinner train at Boone some time.

  14. Alexandra,

    I love your name–I really wanted to name my dauter that but my own mother hated the name (it was her mother-in-law’s).


  15. I road a train once from the UK to France. That was an experience! My son is obsessed with trains & would looooooove this! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

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