Empty Nest, For Now

et singing

Well, ET has moved out again. I should be used to it by now. It is an almost annual event that coincides with spring fever.

ET first left on his eighteenth birthday to move in with his best bud Chaz. It didn’t work out so back home he came.

About a year later he figured he needed to be on his own again just like Willie Nelson. He got a room at a classmate Dave’s father’s house. It didn’t work out so back home he came.

Twelve months he found himself needing freedom and moved to a friend Anthony’s brother’s apartment. It didn’t work out so back home he came.

Then was time for the annual migration again. This time he and his high school chums Jake and Ross took a winter rental. It didn’t work out so back home he came.

Time passed. He settled down. He was working steadily in the city and the daily commute was long and hard. He decided to take a room in a fellow co-worker Randy’s house and come home on weekends. It worked out as planned until this past week. Boy was I glad that I didn’t have to repeat the refrain one more time.

ET met a wonderful girl about a year ago who he plans to marry in about a year. He leased an apartment near the city and where he works. He is setting up his own home now.

I realized the day he was born that it was my job to prepare him for independence and let him go when the time was right. I think it is now but I still miss the thought of not being able to tiptoe into his room at night and kiss him. I know this time it will work out and he won’t be coming home.

Rumor has it that little brother LA will be returning home soon. The door to this house is always open to the children as long as they are doing the right thing.

2 thoughts on “Empty Nest, For Now

  1. Debbie,

    Too much of a revolving door can spin the mind and make one dizzy.  Each of my kids was different and moved out for a different reason.  I would let any–no all of them return simultaneously even though it would be very crowded considering each has his/her own family now–for the right reason.  The extended family that existed WWII was better than today’s disfunctional parenting.



  2. Revolving doors…Aren’t they great. I have had my share, and enough was enough. The house is ours once again this month. No more leeching. We aren’t going to encourage an open door. When you leave…you leave. I don’t want to have to support my children forever.

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