Embassy Suites, Flagstaff, Arizona

Embassy Suites, Flagstaff, Arizona

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The drive between Oklahoma City and Flagstaff is long and hot. It is mid-afternoon when we finally get into town. We are anxious to check into our hotel, get a bite to eat, and see some of the locale.

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The girl at the Embassy Suites reservation desk is courteous and efficient. When asked, she even recommends a few nearby restaurants. She invites us to a nightly Manager’s Reception later in the evening. She tells us about the cooked to order hot breakfast in the morning. Both things will wait though. We just want to get into our rooms.

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Although the hotel does have a few SMOKING rooms, none are available for this particular evening. Therefore, we take a king non-smoking. It is lovely. The living room area boast a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, convertible pullout sofa, and table and chairs. The bedroom is furnished in dark brown wood with a king bed (complete with a pillow top mattress and lots of pillows).

Each room has its own cable television, telephone with data port and high speed internet access. The placement of a toilette sink in the hallway between the rooms is convenient for times when the bathroom is in use.

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It is much cooler here in the mountains than in the desert. We relax for a short while then drive. Along the way I see a local church, the Nativity, almost a century old. Its Gothic architecture is beautiful. Across the tracks, a train chugs by. The sidewalks and downtown shops bring back small town nostalgia. We drive on. Nearby attractions the Coconino Center for Arts, the Arizona Snowbowl Ski and Recreation Area, Lowell Observatory, the Areboretum, and Wupaki National Monument. This is a beautiful place to vacation.

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After dinner, we head back to the Embassy Suites. I grab the dirty clothes and head for its laundry. Afterwards I multi-task by heading for the complimentary Manager’s Reception. Drinks, popcorn, and crackers make the time go quickly. The lounge is big, filled with big leather sofas and chairs. Entry is limited–no children whatsoever. It is a great place for adults to spend time relaxing, talking, and socializing. Kids can hang out in the front lobby. In its center is a full wall fireplace. Indian figures and pottery adorn the welcome area. Couches and lounging chairs complete the decor.

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It is getting late and I decide to spend some time in the fitness room then maybe take a dip in outside pool or, perhaps, the hot tub. The modern equipment does me in though, and I head upstairs for some R&R before bed.

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In the morning I wake up early enough to enjoy breakfast. I skip the cold cereals and order eggs my way with cheese, bacon, sausage, and fresh tomato. I pick on some melon until it is ready. The omelet is so big that I don’t have any room for anything else. I join my family in the vaulted dining area decorated with Indian crafts. Hubby is enjoying home cooked pancakes and bacon. Grandson who claims he no longer eats breakfast is nibbling on a bagel.

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With regret, we check out. I really liked this place. I want to return again someday, ideally soon. I think you would like this location; you get a lot for your moneys worth.
The Embassy Suites is located at 706 South Milton Road, Flagstaff, Arizona. Its telephone number is 928-774-4333.

(FYI – I took these pictures with a Casio EX-Z29 that I’m reviewing. I’m in love.)

?My stay at this hotel was complimentary HOWEVER my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.?

11 thoughts on “Embassy Suites, Flagstaff, Arizona

  1. Arizona is a great place to explore.
    Embassy is a place I used to deliver rental cars to,
    way back when I was younger.

  2. Lorie,

    When priced and located right, I prefer suites.  They give me the most value and often a great breakfast and possibility an evening refresher.  I can put in cold cuts or something for a quick meal and save leftovers for another.  With less to spend, I can put those $$$ other places.  


  3. Ah… another Embassy Suites… they are so wonderful. Sounds like you had a really nice hostess at the reservation desk, too. It’s always helpful when they know the area and are gracious enough to help out with suggestions.

    Glad you had a good time.

  4. Kelly,

         Love Chicago and the Fields Museums, the Gold Coast honky-tonk, Lake Michigan (looks like an ocean).  Lots more trips in the works.  Next week it is the Fiinger Lakes Region of New York, gorgeous country.  It’s family vacation time.


  5. I’m so glad you had a good time. My dad and I will be staying in the Embassy Suites, in Chicago, Illinois in a few weeks. My take a father/daughter trip each year while my husband goes to a guys weekend at the lake with his friends. I think you cannot go wrong in an Embassy Suites hotel. Do you have anymore trips planned? I like reading about them

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I love the furniture in the rooms, especially the tall lamp in the living room!

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