Electrasol Finish Quantum Powerball Dish Detergent Review and Giveaway

I am absolutely thrilled to have been invited to do this review.? I hate hand washing anything. I grew up in a world of dishpans and dishpan hands. I welcomed my dishwasher back then even more than my washing machine. Over the years I have tried powders, liquids, and various packets. I have been buying Electrosol faithfully for many reasons.

finish pack shot

Even though I received a sample of Finish Jet Dry along with my box of Electrasol Finish Powerball Dish Detergent, I wanted to know for myself what the product could do on its own. I ran three test runs with the Finish on my Maytag – light, regular, and heavy. The results are in. Everything meaning pots, pans, serving utensils, dishes, and glass wear all were 100% clean no matter what cycle or water temperature I selected. Wow! The glassware sparkled – no streaks The plastic containers looked new – no tomato stains. The frying pan squeaked – no grease. It got coffee stains out of the glass pot unfinished from weekend entertaining. It got the worn in discolor from my teapot, a wonder since I use it 24-7. It even managed to remove the residue off a burnt-on baking sheet that I had spent previous days soaking in dish detergent. It really is amazing. Another money saver is the $$$ I won’t need to spend on lotion for dish pan hands.

I can say with complete honestly that I love the packaging. The multi-chamber system, measured and wrapper free, is precise and convenient. No more pouring powder or liquid into a cup then hoping that the door will open. No more trying to get the competition’s stuck together packets apart without falling apart in my hands. It does leave an amazing shine. It looks like this new product and its new name Finish will give me even more reason to keep using this product.

My dishes looked great without having used the rinse agent.?I can’t wait to see what happend when I use the FINISH Jet Dry I received.

jet dry turbo

Electrasol Finish Powerball is available now in stores. It retails at $4.99 for a package count of twelve.

To learn more about this product, visit www.FinishDishwashing.com. And, a great thing is that you can enter the FINISH QUANTUM EVERYDAY PERFECTION sweepstakes when you visit. Official rules and entry details are up. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. I want to win one of the 21 prizes being awarded, especially the diamond jewelry or the KitchenAid Surperba EQ dishwasher. You’ll also find printable coupons for FINISH on the website.

Thank you, Reckitt Benckiser, for this innovation.

I just love contests and giveaways, don’t you?


There will be FIVE winners for this giveaway, each receiving TWO of each product.


Visit the FINISH website and take a look around. Then leave a comment here on telling me what detergent you currently use to wash dishes.


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106 thoughts on “Electrasol Finish Quantum Powerball Dish Detergent Review and Giveaway

  1. Dear Cindy,

          I’m just learning how to navigate.   Got lost trying to find your site.  Where fo I go when I get to your face page for you?




  2. Dear Cindy,

           That product has been around for a long time.  I was using it when my first born was a todler.



  3. Dear Carrie,

           I wasuing another brand of packets but stopped usiing them when they stuck together and n separating them their disolvabke baggiing broke more than ince,  Too many wasted which meant money yoo.


  4. I left a comment on Weighty Words – The Last Supper. I learned she is having lap band surgery on April 17th. (I also subscribe to her blog).

  5. I use Cascade at this time. The reason I use it is that when I first got my dishwasher my cousin gave me 2 boxes. He had gotten them from where he works. I have just always stuck with them and would love to try something different.. especially like the fact that it worked the same in your dishwasher on any setting.. I would love to be able to just use my normal setting at all times.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  6. These look great! All-in-one, no messy powder!
    I usually buy whatever is on sale, or what I have a coupon for. I am currently using Sun Light Oxiaction Power Pacs. I am not really crazy about them…I prefer Electrasol products.

    1. Dear Debbie,
      I am sure there will be coupons in the paper. You can also pprint them from your computer.

  7. Dear Sharon, 

          There are printed coupons available which make it a great buy.


    1. Dear Sharon,
      Find a coupon, search the sypermarket advertiings, and it will be there soon I am sure.

  8. Dear Steph,

          Cascade is another good prioduct.  I just prefer the powerballs.



  9. Dear Kristy,

         Just as I did until I found the new ones next to them on the shelf cheaper that particular shopping trip.


  10. Dear Michelle,

          I used oppowdr 39 years ago then moved to the liquid.  But  this is by far the easiest and best way.


  11. Dear Michelle,

           I changed from generics and bargain brands to it.  But this new one is so much better.


  12. Dear Ally,

           I am frugal so I understand.  Incidentally that ppowder is great in the washingmachine in a recipe for getting out heavy solis and stains on clother.  I find I get good mileage out of tablets becase I don’t waste any with spills and use the perfect amount.


  13. I’d love to try this product. Currently I use powder detergent in the dishwasher and it does a much less than satisfactory job. But I hesitate to buy something new to me because if I am disappointed then i have a whole bottle to deal with and feel like $$ was wasted.

  14. I also read about her coworker warning her not to turn on her computer on April 1st and that she purchased anti-virus software to update her system.

  15.      Dear Janelle,

          I use whatever is decently priced, on sale with coupons usually.  However, i have found over the years I have to use a lot more dish detergent if it is too bargain.  I hate having to return dishes to the washer because there is still dirt specks….  Electrasol sells a good product.


  16. Looks like great stuff!! We use Dawn for handwashing and the Aldi brand liquid detergent for the dishwasher. I’m sure Electrasol would be a much better option!! 🙂

  17. Dear Leslie,

      I bought the product before learning aboout the giveaway.  I used triple coupons when it was on sale at the beginning.  It cost under $3 almost a month ago.  I usually hold coupons until the product is on sale.  I have found in my area most stores jack up the price the week coupons get ppublished in the paper although occasionally there is one or two loss leaders.



  18. Dear Leslie,

       Boy are there a lot of things to learn about in blogging–stumbling, googling, technorati, etc.  Will I ever learn?



  19. Dear Leslie,

         She is.  From the time she entered school everyone told me how kind and sweet she was.  She still is.  I am very prouod and lucky to have her as my daughter.


  20. Dear Carolyn,

         I try to avooid full price anything but this product is well  worth it.


  21. I commented on your Dear Daughter’s Blog… on her post Weighty Words.. she is just a Dear Woman, I will keep her in my prayers Pat!

  22. Oh boy the New Electrosol Finish Powerball look Wonderful. I bet it works like a charm. I am using Publix Lemon Dishwasher Crystals right now, I am trying to save some money! The economy has me in a downward spiral! hahah

    BUT, I have to rinse rinse rinse those dishes, practically scrub ’em clean before they go into the dish washer! I would so love to try the Electrosol Finish Powerball!!!!

    Wonderful Giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter Pat!

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