Ebook Readers – Saving Backs And Trees

nook ebook reader

Hubby again asked me what I want for Christmas. After some thought, I told him a couple of CD’s, DVD’s, and books. I left out a Broadway show because he gave me one years ago that I can’t cash in on. Hubby just hates going into the city so I lose out.

Black Friday daughter Bunny enticed me to go Black Friday shopping to just one store. When I looked at the parking lot, I decided we should have walked the two miles from home. No kidding! She got her needed purchase while I even found a stocking stuffer for one of the boys then out we went.

Since she had to navigate the register line, that left me with time enough to browse through a whole electronics store. On route, I learned that they’re making digital book readers now. If only to be aware, I went online and discovered several more. Remarkable how books have evolved from cuneiform tablets, to hand copied, to electronically managed!

The next day I went to my favorite store Barnes and Noble where I learned about the Nook eBook Reader. I liked it a lot. Just imagine B. C. a young boy going to school carrying those clay tablets. Necessity is the mother of invention. And think how much friendlier these are to the environment.

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