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boardwalk villas entrance

I enjoy traveling. In fact I enjoy traveling so much that when I get home from one trip, I immediately begin planning another big one. I enjoyed my DVC experience so much at Easter time, that I am already checking my calendar to schedule another one for October/November. I love it in central Florida at that season. The weather is neither hot nor humid then. Temperatures average between 62 and 80 degrees with little rain.

boardwalk villas patio

As some of you already know, I just returned from a ten day visit to Walt Disney World. Hubby had other obligations so I flew down alone. I booked two nights at the Boardwalk Villas. My studio there was quite comfortable. The closet even had a safe. Next to the bathroom was a wet bar, refrigerator, and microwave. It had queen sized bed, a pullout sofa, table and chairs, and an armoire with a color TV. Its french doors led out to a ground floor patio. I take bigger accommodations when I am visiting with more family.

boardwalk villas room

Just down the hall was a complimentary laundry room. Past that were the elevators for the upper floors. Next was a fitness center. Immediately outside the doors was the pool. Good planning had placed a large bar just a step or two away. Guests could buy snacks and drinks there. The front lobby is reminiscent of Atlantic City. Rockers on its porch, Lucy the Elephant, a miniature roller coaster, even 1940’s period furniture put guests in a seaside mood and time. Its gardens of gardenias and other tropical flowers signal relax and enjoy.

boardwalk villas pool

Anyone turning the corner finds many stores lining a boardwalk. Seagulls rest on the dock of the man made lake. A small grocery, children?s shop, souvenir store, candy store, ice cream parlor, and a bakery satisfy the many and varied needs of the guests. Four restaurants, the gourmet Flying Fist, Mediterranean Spoodles, the Big River Grille, and the ESPN Club face the water. There is a menu available for every taste and every budget. I have been in every one of them and can honestly recommend them all. This time though I got the standard meal plan and decided to dine in Epcot.

boardwalk villas gardenias

Two clubs, the Atlantic Dance Club and Jellyrolls, supply formal nightlife for adults while games and attractions along the boardwalk are fun for everyone. If the lure of the place isn?t enough, Epcot, the Hollywood Studios, the Beach Club, and the Yacht Club all are close by. Free transportation is also are available for trips farther out like Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, the Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, and Downtown Disney.

boardwalk villas lakeside

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of my lodging and the area around it. I am including room plans as well so you can judge for yourself just how spacious and luxurious it is. I know my family could not afford to stay in a hotel of similar caliber if I had to pay money; however, my DVC membership brings down the expenses so much that I am on property usually two weeks a year.


boardwalk villas studio


boardwalk villas one bed


boardwalk villas two bed


boardwalk villas grand villa

I knew what I could afford when I bought in. I pay for it and maintenance monthly through my checking account. In a relatively short time it will be paid in full. I know when that happens I?ll have from the DVC purchase at least another thirty years of great times.

If you have questions about the DVC that you’d like to ask me or if you’d like me to recommend you to my representative Kellie Jo, please click here.

2 thoughts on “DVC Lodging Series – Boardwalk Villas

  1. Hi! Were you able to get from your patio to the pool? Or could you watch your older child from that Patio at the pool? Just trying to see if the first floor is worth it or if I should go for a view on the 5th floor. Thank you for your post!

    1. In all our years at WDW–1972 to the present–I went to the pool midday with the kids while hubby rested up for the long trek to come. My kids all swam competitively from elementary years on but I still insisted on a buddy system always. I like ground floor (patio shown) so that I could socialize with hubby yet enjoy the water. For view I opted on higher floors on the boardwalk side where nighttime something is always going on and night pictures pop.

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