Don’t Get Mad, Get Even


I am already on all the no call lists yet the telephone keeps ringing. Sometimes when unsolicited solicitors phone, I tell them I am eating and to call they should call back when they are having their dinner. Other times I tell them I can’t hear them so they should write me a letter. Then there are the times I just hang up.

Companies using automatic dialing have made matters even worse. What can be more aggravating than picking up the telephone to hear an endless loop–push i then push 2 then push 2 then keep pushing to infinitum?

Cell phone owners seemed exempt from this for a while. Now even random dialers are ringing up their advertising strategy target (AKA victims) them. It seems ridiculous that the cell phone holder has to pay for his minutes only to be annoyed by invasive telemarketers, survey takers, and bill collectors who somehow have the number your cell phone company assigned you when one of its prior customers was cancelled for not paying the bill.

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