Does A Better Life Have A Border?

us mexico border fence

At the turn of the century the Statue of Liberty stood before Ellis Island inviting immigrants through a golden door. All my grandparents and half of my aunts and uncles came from the Old World. They journeyed here for a better life. They worked long hours, followed the laws, and learned the language. They raised their family as Americans.

A century later things are different. Months ago I was in San Diego County’s San Ysidro Outlets shopping. I saw high fences, barbed wire, trenches, patrol vehicles, a no-man’s land space then the reverse–patrol vehicles, trenches, barbed wire, high fences. Both the U. S. and Mexico were patrolling .

A few days later my car was traveling north on U. S. 5 almost an hour away from the border when I saw officials using a rolling checkpoint to thwart illegal immigration. I ask myself with all the security how so many people have managed to escape between the cracks. Years ago it was draft dodgers escaping to Canada. Now its Mexicans without jobs looking for hope. Sometimes it is difficult sorting out who and what is legal vs. who and what isn’t. Sometimes an immigration law?firm is needed to sort things out.

That is where specialists like Los Angeles immigration attorney Darren Silver come in. His firm represents seemingly an impossible case. His expertise lies in deportation orders, visas, citizenship, green cards, family petitions, even special Canadian residency problems have eaned him his reputation.

One thought on “Does A Better Life Have A Border?

  1. This is a topic that is extremely touchy. I am glad there are immigration lawyers. I just wish the immigrants would learn the English language, as our relatives did, and not expect a free handout in our country. Some don’t….some do. Our relatives worked hard to earn a living…some of our relatives nowadays don’t… this is not just an immigrant problem.

    Ok, I’m ready for the onslaught of comments that may come.
    Marj M.

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