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I recently reviewed Disney Nature Earth. I have been going to zoos since I was a little girl. Over the years I have visited the big ones–Bronx Zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo, the National Zoo (Washington, D. C.), the Audobon Zoo (New Orleans), the Los Angeles Zoo, and the San Diego Zoo. I have also seen smaller ones–Indianapolis Zoo, Minneapolis Zoo, and New Jersey’s Zoo in Cape May County. I have also traveled through the Great Adventure Safari many times.

I love animals. Long ago before television came into homes, I was read to by my parents and, in time, read on my own. My favorite ones were the original Golden Book Classics, stories filled with lots of animals. Rabbits, bears, foxes came alive. When they were put into the movie, Song of the South, my father took me to see it five times in its first run. I was five. From then on whenever Disney released a movie, I went to see it.

Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland set a mood. Dumbo, Bambi, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book whetted my curiosity. I read more and wanted to see everything up close and personal. To really understand anything one must experience it. I learned on my family field trips that wild animals were just that, beautiful, strong.

Today’s question is this: With their natural habitats so far removed from our reality, what can we do to help the elephants? I realize that many environmentalists are against zoos. They say they are inhumane. Well, perhaps the old ones built in WPA days with bricks and cages were. There is a better way now, one that is built to conform more to the animal’s habitat. Without zoos, how can we study these animals and learn?

How can we keep alive this endangered species? An elephant, African or Indian, is a majestic living thing. The U. S. A. is saving the eagle. The Chinese are saving the panda. Its Africa’s turn this time.

What we can do, however, is join our voices together and voice public opinion so strongly that leaders work to conserve. They pass the laws; they budget the money. No individual can make a natural habitat safe. It is something that falls into the realm of government politics. This will cost money but nothing will happen without our voice.

16 thoughts on “DisneyNature: EARTH Mission – Save The Elephants

  1. I know but it still hurts me to see them.. I guess the whole “Circus type” is bad.. Since they are not treated as well as they should be.. Good point. But I just wish people would leave them alone 🙁 easier said than done! 🙁

  2. Courtney,

    Most animals natural habitat is shrinking–a cause for endangerment.  Poachers still target animals in the wild for the kill.  At least in zoos they are alive, fed, and teach us about themselves.


  3. Oh no I didn’t know they were an endangered species now?? How said. I really love going to the zoo and all seeing the animals but honestly something it my heart breaks just seeing them all in those cages. It’s not their natural habitat and think about how much more animals would be out there to actually mate and survive.. I don’t know maybe just my theory lol

  4. Janet,

    It was a different word then–simpler.  I wonder is my bro-in-law’s wife felt lucky when we stopped over for a couple of weeks.


  5. I just took my daughter to a zoo on Wednesday, she absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, it was one of the old WPA that you mention. She didn’t know the difference, but I think I’ll try to travel further next time to a newer zoo.

    People like you that increase awareness and interest are very much helping animals facing extinction.

    You were so lucky to have a family member working at the zoo!

  6. Cludia,

    Different for different reasons.  I was spoiled in both LA and NO because with my bro-in-law working there I got to see and do things the average guest doesn’t.  The National Zoo is fantastic and has pandas as does SD.  


  7. Wow, I didn’t even know that elephants were an endangered specie. I agree that zoos have gotten better, and I think they definitely help us learn more about them. An elephant in our zoo here in Utah just had a baby. I think having babies in a zoo setting is great to help out with them being endangered. The babies would have a higher chance of living with all the people there to help watch over them.

  8. The modern day zoos are closer replicas of a natural environment and encourage both study and breeding of endangered species. I have always loved going to zoos also!

  9. Thanks for this post, we have many animals like the sea turtles and the humpback whales here in our own state that are endangered, too!

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