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Disney On Ice Let’s Celebrate Philadelphia Premiere

disney on ice sleigh

I got my first pair of ice skates when I started high school. Not enough ice or practice and the best I could accomplish was ice walking. Still I enjoyed watching talented skaters glide and spin. In the 50-‘s I saw my first ice extravaganza in Atlantic City. It made me a fan forever.

The 60’s brought Ice Capades at the old Garden. The 1976 Winter Olympics made America’s Darling Dorothy Hamill a star. Naturally when she turned pro the following year to tour with the Ice Capades, I booked tickets. Watching her do her Hamill Camel was stupendous.

By the 90’s ice performances were changing. Many touring shows no longer featured top stars. Performers were part of an anonymous ensemble group. Since our family was is big on Disney, we went to Walt Disney’s World on Ice in the Meadowlands. The performance was aimed primarily at children. That was OK by us as we are all either young or young at heart. It was 100% good, wholesome family fun.

Yesterday my daughter took the family to the Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate premiere at the Wachovia Center. If you had been there with us, the smiles and squeals coming from my youngest grandson told it all. He loved cartoon character Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto come to life; the movie princes and princesses; the bad ones; the toys; my favorite Stitch and more. Who could resist the Disney magic of story and song?

A very merry unbirthday, a Halloween haunt, a Valentine royal ball, some stops around the globe, and a winter wonderland made for a very entertaining two hour show. Thanks to my daughter Val and Mom Central for making a wonderful evening possible.

3 thoughts on “Disney On Ice Let’s Celebrate Philadelphia Premiere

  1. I was in high school when I saw my first Ice capades. I was mesmerized! I cant believe the talent of those “dancers” on ice and even more impressed now with those who wear those heavy costumes and are able to skate with such ease and grace. My kids like to watch the skating specials on TV, but some day would love to be able to take them to an event. THe characters would even make it MORE fun for the kids!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  2. What a wonderful display this show must be! I have never seen any ice skating in person! Thanks for sharing your wonderful time.

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