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Disney JONAS Rockin’ the House DVD Review

jonas volume one rockin the house dvd 1

JONAS: Rockin’ The House
Own it on DVD on September 22, 2009
Rated: ?TV-G?
Run time: Approx. 113 minutes
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

Bonus Episodes ? World premiere episodes on DVD, never-seen-before

  • ?Beauty & the Beat?
  • ?Cold Shoulder?

Bonus Feature

  • You?ve Been Jo Bro?d ? Surprising Chelsea Staub

Synopsis – Five episodes of the latest smash-hit Disney Channel Original Series are available on DVD JONAS is the hottest rock band on the planet! Band members Nick, Kevin, and Joe Lucas are superstar pop idols who tear up the stage, night after night, causing severe outbreaks of JONAS induced hysteria. But behind the cool clothes and sleek guitars, they?re just three boys from New Jersey. These ultra-talented brothers are also best friends and still live at home with Mom, Dad, and little brother Frankie. At school, they hang out with lifelong friend and style guru Stella Malone who believes fashion is the sixth sense. And when their classmate ? and major fan ? Macy gets uncontrollably excited around them, usually someone?s going to get hurt. These brothers are probably the only superstar idols who still have to do the dishes, but they know how lucky they are to be living their dream.

I was curious as to why so many tweens and young teens love the Jonas Brothers so I welcomed reviewing the Disney Jonas Rockin’ the House DVD released September 22, 2009. I found it good entertainment. The plots were inoffensive but meaningful. There are many things that today’s younger generation should value that the media plays down.

Groovy Movies emphasized memories and happy times, even happy tears. It was nice to see the teen stars talking and acting respectfully to their parents. Kids need to know they can make mistakes. The take on the cake baking mishap made me laugh.

Wrong Song depicted calm, reserved Nick in grips with Penny in a teenage crush. He mistook friendship for more only to be disappointed by her having a beau. He could have been mean and hateful but wasn’t. Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing. This time it paid off in the end as the girl decided to “Give Love a Try”.

Pizza Girl involved the three brothers vying for the attention of pizza delivery girl Maria. As their waists grew and their father was billed $500 for a month’s pizza, things had to get into perspective. The scene showing the overly competitive boys making fake phone calls, referring to Mr. Bumble, and talking about breaking Jonas Law showed the humor of fraternal family life.

Band’s Best Friend showed annoying Carl “The Shoe” visiting. His attitude and his mistakes caused problems for the Jonases with the paparazzi, school. His scope on being a star centered on the glamor. When Kevin, Joe, and Nick showed him the real practicalities like RSVPing to mail, sorting out the things than fans sent them, having their clothes ripped off, and being held prisoner by girls, he couldn’t say, “”I didn’t know,” any more. His admission that he wanted to be accepted is what every person feels. The brothers then understood his problem and helped him get over it by throwing him a party.

Chasing the Dream centered on needing someone to fill a backup singer’s spot. One of the teen heartthrobs’ friends, Macey, was willing to give her all, even give up sports for the chance. The problem was her voice caused damage to listener’s ears and property. Hr friends just wouldn’t hurt her feelings and found ways (alas unsuccessful ones) to get around the situation.

I liked this DVD taken from episodes in the Disney Channel’s original series. JONAS is talented and write its own music. Having listened to the musical offerings and seen JONAS performing, I understand why it is a Grammy-nominated top pop boy band. Their show is believable in the real world. Their acting is more than adequate.

Perhaps some critics should come down to earth. OK, original filmed programming without a laugh track may not be as theatrically compelling as more polished, carefully selected then edited shows. BUT seeing glamorous idols trying to live a normal life and balance their rock experience is something that today’s youth needs more. Positive example is good.

Here’s a clip from the film called Kevin?s Guitar.

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