Disney Cuts

Disney is obviously streamlining its Magical Express program to keep it in line with many airlines current non-carry on no-free baggage policies. If consumers ares not clear in their demand for free space for all items, it’s a sure bet that corporate will start levying fees for additional tags after the first. This is not acceptable. Put DVC on notice that those other tags are wanted then decide or not you need them as you pack when it is a problem. Disney advertising promos need to be more than just extended. With this nation in a deep recession (take a look at the U. S. dollar value worldwide), if course it wants to drum up business and keep cash flowing in. Most people don’t realize that half of projected items come from in park sales of merchandise and food. Perhaps, if Disney cut its ticket prices or extended park hopping as a courtesy it might generate more revenue. Many evenings I would love to dine in Epcot but don’t have the desire to put out extra money for the multiple-park feature so I go instead to local restaurants outside the World. There are a lot of places out there with great selections and bargain prices. Furthermore, with the whole resort complex merchandising so many pricey tee shirts to the exclusion of many items it formerly stocked, I check out nearby discount department stores for my memorabilia. I think companies get back as much as they give, don’t you? I’m surprised that Disney did not implement this strategy and promote the DVC in major cities earlier. After all, the biggest share of DVC owners live in the metropolitan area surrounding New York. Disney is big in NYC right now. Check out and see how many plays it has running. It’s Time Square Disney Store is thriving and it has plans to expand its interests in the area. People on vacation don’t always want to give up time to check out a timeshare which, no matter what Disney chooses to call itself, is exactly what it is. Every American knows just how tight money is. Necessities like food, shelter, clothing, and transportation come before discretionary items like any vacation or even day trip. Of course it has to balance its budget. Of course it has to red line non-essential spending. Nevertheless it must deliver a product that the public perceives is worth putting dollars out for. Personally when it cuts hours I understand BUT I then change my spending to come into line with the changes. One way is by going into parks less frequently, eating meals there, and spending less time and, accordingly, money in the stores. If I spent a day in each park before, I bulk up now and do a couple. After closing, I go outside Disney and eat there. It’s a no-brainer–compare McDonald Disney to the greater Orlando area. That is the cheap end. It’s the same relative price comparison as the kind of food service improves. I also stop locally on the way in and figure out what souvenirs if any I’m getting, put that money aside, then get it before going home. That strategy keeps things out of the and helps my wallet too.

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