Designer Whey Protein Supplement Review

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A week ago I had lap-band surgery which means that for the last week all my meals have been protein shakes. I want to start out by telling everyone that for the first time in decades I can honestly say, “I am full.” ?Why? I’m sure it has something to do with the procedure, but I am also sure it has a lot to do with Designer Whey Protein Supplement. In my first week post-surgery, I logged 3.8 pounds of body fat loss–not bad for an old lady who weighed in at 228 and needs to exercise.

I have tried other products before this one. They were good. Now I am no expert, BUT Designer Whey is better. As I’m losing the pounds, my family has not heard my constant whining, “I’m hungry,” and that matters as much to them as it does to me. I know that it has decreased my appetite. I suspect that it has increased my metabolism. Previous to this I was tired and fatigued. Now I have strength and lots of energy.

Before buying the product, I decided to do some research on it. Designer Whey now has 95% isolate content. It comes from cow’s milk and is a byproduct of cheese making. ? ? I have been using the two pound size, which has 34 servings per container. A four pound container and a 17 ounce container also are available. Counting calories, I really appreciate its 100 calories, 18 grams protein, and 3 grams carbohydrates per serving.

Designer Whey Protein Supplement is available in a variety of flavors including Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla Praline and Chocolate Caramel Peanut. Flavors are available in 12.7 oz (13 servings), 2 lb (34 serving) and 4.4 lb. (76 servings) containers. Products can be purchased online and in stores across the nation.

16 thoughts on “Designer Whey Protein Supplement Review

  1. Val,

          When I heal more, maybe I’ll experiment with some oj.  Orange Julius–I wonder if there are any still around–had a magic powder.


  2. It does taste great. I’ve even added it to a smoothie with strawberries, skim milk and ice cubes, the taste ended up reminding me of the texture of an Orange Julius.

  3. Janet,

           I had to do something for a lot of good reasons.  My daughter having the same procedure helped.


  4. Dear Pat., I wish you well with your recovery from surgery and continued weight loss. Hugs and prayers, keep telling your readers about your progress, please. It gives us all encouragement!

  5. Dear Karen,

          I thought it would help Val while it ws helping me. It goes easier with a support system and someone who understands the reality vs. their perception.  

         Val tells me that you live in Indiana.  Where?  Indiana is one of my favorite states.  I have visited there a lot, mostly Indy.  Love the people.  Love the Children’s Museum.  


  6. Dear Leslie,

         Thanks for the good words.

         Some supplements are–this one not.  It is all a matter of taste.  What one likes, another person may loath.  With that said mmy favorite way to have my Designer Whey right now is th blend using my Oster hand gadget and cup one heaping scoop into about 6 oz. ice topped with a little water.  It is almost a frostie although a bit icy.


  7. DH drinks this stuff, but I’ve never tried it. He uses it for muscle building and drinks it before work outs. Congratulations on your weight loss and good luck on the rest of your journey!

  8. Hi Pat, I hope you are on the road to recovery and will be feeling wonderful soon!!

    The nutritional info on these is GREAT. I love that they are high protein, I am guessing they MUST be low fat.
    I wonder if they are chalky??
    I will keep you in my prayers!!!!
    FEEL good!!!

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