Decorating Underway

electric extension cord

Annually on Thanksgiving Day I remind hubby it is time. Time for what you may wonder. Time for putting up the outside Christmas display that grows yearly. Although it does not rival the Osmond Family Christmas Display yet, hubby insists it soon will. (He is exaggerating.) Full nativity display, blowup globe, Christmas trees, Winnie, Mickey, Frosty,Santa, his sleigh, presents, Mrs. Claus, elves, trains, candy canes, nutcrackers, toy soldiers, teddy bears and more…they are out there greeting visitors and passersby. I think I
bought enough electrical supplies to connect everything. Cross your fingers and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

One thought on “Decorating Underway

  1. What a delight seeing your yard must be for passers-by! It’s like a 3-D holiday greeting for the community! How nice!

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