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Hubby and I are on our way to Upper New York State’s Finger Lakes. This will be our 17th summer road trip there. Hubby is a big camping fan. Me NOT. Still I do what I have to do for the family.

Everyone will be in the Glen at the end of the week, and I will be a good sport then. BUT for now the next four days and nights are just hubby’s and mine, all ours to enjoy. No dishes, no making beds, no taking out the garbage…just some good R&R before we head out into the big outdoors. I’m really into it this time around.

The Country Inn and Suites by Carlson in Big Flats, New York just provided me some free nights. My time in the hotel is a real last minute vacation for me. I can sleep in a comfortable bed, take a bath in a tub and not go to the public showers, and have telephone service all the time. (Up the mountain, Nextel-Sprint has limited service. Go figure that since they are a NASCAR sponsor.)

“Pie in the sky”, “Manna from heaven”, and “God, what luck!” all come to mind. I am excited. My biggest problem is going to be staying away from the fresh waffles and warm-baked cookies that the guests always enjoy so much. You see I am still on a diet.

I know that I will be busy. The area is beautiful and there is always something going on Race Week. I’ll be twittering and blogging so keep logging in to see what’s up in Binoculars Country. I am trying to be flexible with Corning Museum of Glass, the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, Samuel Clemens’s tombstone, a cruise on Seneca Lake, and Watkins Glen Raceway on the present to do list for now.

I probably won’t be able to get any pictures up today. Since one picture is worth a thousand words, please visit the Country Inns road trip website at http/ instead. What’s your idea of the best last-minute vacation? I know my answer. It’s this one.

6 thoughts on “Country Inns & Suites Binoculars Country – The Road Trip Begins

  1. My dad gave me a Bushnell Binoculars and they are quite superb, excellent optics and very nice zoom. i could watch sexy babes from several hundred meters.~*;

  2. Emily,

    I loved the comfy bed but when all was said and done camping with my family later was the best thing about the trip/


  3. Lorie,

    If you get a chance, let me know where to look–we do get to Florida a couple of times each year.  Disney is just way too high.


  4. Our favorites are cruises. Since we live in Florida, we can usually get great last minute FL resident pricing and there is no airfare to worry about. We can usually get transportation to the port pretty inexpensively so we don’t have to worry about paying for parking a vehicle either, we just leave the car home. We can take a 3,4 or 7 day cruise or even a 14 day – although those are usually scarce and take some extra planning on our part. Since all your food and transportation are included, you don’t have to worry about any other expenses unless you want to do shore excursions, gambling or shopping. We usually just want to get away and relax and that is just enough for us.

  5. The Ithaca farmer’s market is a favorite of mine! The hardest thing is to get a parking spot on Saturday! You might want to check out The Commons in Ithaca, if you haven’t been there before. Check out Lehigh Valley House for dinner. You can get a discount if you buy a gift certificate from I think the discount is 50% now. We usually get the prime rib dinner for $20 – and there are a ton of courses for that price! Also, you must stop at Purity Ice Cream shop. They have fabulous ice cream! Wegmans is a great place to shop also. Enjoy Ithaca!

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